One of the nicest things about having a food blog is that every now and then companies ask if they can send me their products to try. I don’t like to look a gift horse in the mouth so almost always accept. However not all the products are deemed suitable for you my dear readers. I really strive to help you find delicious foodie treats that are unique and hard to track down in day to day life, and I think that is what I found in Salt House.


Salt House is a company specialising in smoked deli style meats that are delivered directly to your door.  I was lucky enough to receive their Gift Pack (32,000) which contains 300g of apple smoked bacon, 200g of pastrami, 180g of smoked duck, and 100g of smoked cheese. However they also sell their meats separately and cost between 9,000 – 12,000 per pack. When I opened the package that was delivered directly to my door, I was pleased as punch, and TFB even more so. While we both enjoy eating the fruits of the deli tree, there aren’t really a whole lot of places to find such ingredients. We usually end up relying on Costco, which does have a pretty good selection of products, but they aren’t quite of the same quality one would find back home.


The second I saw all those delicious meats and cheeses the first thing that came to my mind was a charcuterie platter. This is one of my favourite things to make for TFB and I. We always have olives and wine in the fridge and it’s the perfect thing to have for dinner when we are both feeling lazy.  It’s also a great thing to prepare if you have friends over and don’t want to cook. While we sipped on our sangria we nibbled on the selection of goodies. Included in our selection was the duck ham. This is a reasonably popular meat in Korea and usually I don’t really care for it but this one was wonderful. Neither too hammy or ducky it still seemed rich in flavour without feeling too heavy. I also enjoyed the very smoky smoked cheese. It had a nice dense texture and is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. However for me the stand-out was the pastrami, it was insatiably good and rather different to the more roast beef style pastramis I’ve had from other delis. It has a wonderful smoky flavour without being too salty. I used the second half of it to make these rather splendid open sandwiches. Piled up on some nice crusty bread with Gouda, tomatoes, olives and basil it made rather a lovely lunch.


As soon as I saw the bacon, I knew I would use it to make a fabulous brunch. And thanks to the amazing quality of the meat it was fabulous indeed. This bacon was epic, thick, smoky and intensely tasty thanks to the apple wood. Other than some British style bacon that I recently had from a private source, I have yet to ever find better in Korea. I served mine on some toasted rye bread and a nice generous mound of guacamole but it is really up to you how you want to serve it. To be honest it was so good you could just fry it up and eat it by itself. It is going to be hard going back to the Costco stuff after trying this.


Salt House Craft Meats is based here in Korea, and delivers all over the peninsula. If you would like more information or to place your own order of their meaty treats you can contact them via their website. The delivery page is in Korean but the owner George speaks excellent English so feel free to email him on if you have any more inquiries.