When I first heard there was a new ice cream that can cure hangovers I thought all my dreams had come true at once. I love drinking, but I do not enjoy the after effects. I do however enjoy eating ice cream, so if that could free me from the two days of misery I suffer after a big night out, well nothing on earth was going to stop me from trying it.


I suffer a lot from hangovers, anything from a level 1 tired and head achey, to a level 5 vomiting ever last bit of moisture out of my body. If I stay out late you can always guarantee it is going to be a three or higher, no matter what I drink. Last Saturday was the BCCK’s Queen’s Birthday Ball, a very glamorous black tie affair that involved a night of unlimited drinks. So I decided to test these ice creams for all they are worth. In the past I’ve tried everything to rid me of my cursed hangovers, condition drink, the condition balls, milk thistle, chugging water, but nothing really helps that much. I even went to the doctor’s once and spent 50,000 on an IV drip that also did little to nothing, so frankly my hopes weren’t that high for the ice creams but figured they were worth a try.


When I woke up on Sunday morning I wasn’t actually feeling as rough as I thought I’d be which was a definitely plus. I was on the ropey side but at least had the power to leave my bed, unlike TFB who was dying. We both tried the ice cream and did feel much better after it, not mind blowing so but there were improvements. First off it was rather nice just sucking on the cool and icy treat, and the grapefruit flavour was rather refreshing, except for the mediciney bit in the middle, all though I guess that’s the magic potion. While it wasn’t the miracle cure I’ve been dreaming of, I think it’s probably worth my while keeping a few of these tucked away in the freezer. For the 1,200 won price tag they are certainly worth a try if you need a little pick up, and a little less obvious to your employer than a condition drink. Hangover Ice-creams are currently only available at With Me Stores, my nearest on is located on the main drag of Itaewon, just opposite Dillingers Pub.