Two things that Korea seems to absolutely adore are faddy trends and ice cream. And last summer they were combined to make the rose ice cream, a cone of your favourite flavours shaped to resemble flower petals. If my finger was more on the pulse or one had opened in my neighbourhood then I probably would have written about this last summer, but it’s not and it didn’t, so I only just got around to trying it. Compared to the honey chip or the macaroon ice cream sandwich fad it can’t even compare in terms of queue longevity, and it is more gimmick than taste but if you pick your ice cream parlour wisely you should leave with a delicious treat and have a great photo for your instagram account.


There are dozens of different ice cream parlous and gelaterias scattered across Seoul offering the rose ice cream, but we tried it at Amorino in Sinsa, which is a French brand that has stores all over the world. We randomly stumbled across it, and I couldn’t resist trying it despite already having a very full belly from my three course dinner at Normal. But I’m very dedicated to my work and wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by.


The parlour itself had a tonne of different flavours on offer, and luckily they let you try them first too.  First you decide if you want a cup or a cone, then you pick your flavours. There didn’t seem to be anything that they didn’t have, and I’d say there were around 30 overall. We both went for the Rose Cone which was 6,500. On the Rose Cone you are allowed as many flavours as you want which I thought was a nice touch. We decided to get one each, a creamy chocolatey concoction of Nutella, tiramisu and vanilla for me and a more fun and and fruity raspberry, passion-fruit, lemon, and citrus for TFB.


Of the two the fruity one looked a lot more appealing and more like a flower, if you are clever with your choices and go for brighter colours you can make it look like a real live rose. Obviously the brown and white one didn’t have quite the same effect, but it was yummy as hell, and I can never resist getting the Nutella and tiramisu gelato. The gelato itself was really good, not quite as good as Il Gelato on the other side of Garosugil but better than most. We tried one in Itaewon a few weeks ago that was terrible, I wont name names but it was near Bull & Barrel and the ice cream tasted like it had melted and been refrozen and had that terrible freezer type taste, it clearly hadn’t been made freshly. If we weren’t already half way home I would have complained, but I digress. This gelato was top notch. As some of the petals are outside of he cone it tends to melt quite quickly so don’t hang around on taking that shot and be sure to get it in your gob before it has melted all over your hand. Once you start licking it tends to stay put. .


Amorino is located at 536-3 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, (강남구 신사동 536-3). To get there take a train to Sinsa station and come out of exit 8, walk straight and take the second left. Turn right and then left again. You will see Amorino on your right hand side. For more information you can call them on 02-512-2004