We all know I’m a big old lush, especially once the summer kicks in. I don’t think there has been a day this week where I haven’t enjoyed a refreshing alcoholic beverage on my terrace at cocktail hour. But as much as I enjoy drinking at home, it is also fun to go out now and again. Last week I met with my bar tender and very good friend Ray Sway Oh, star of the Yancha Life. It being a Friday night and all he suggested going for a drink after dinner, and I knew just the place.


Kahlo & Diego is located on the hidden alleyway by the police station in Gyeongridan, As the entry way is around the corner, and you can’t see in from the street, it is easy to miss. But if you are as nosey as I am, go in and take a gander as an adorable garden come bar awaits inside.


There are actually two bars, a cocktail bar and a whiskey bar, no prizes for guessing which one we hit up. The seating is designed so you can sit inside and outside at the same time via the open windows. However we took a seat at the bar while head bar tender Lex made us our drinks. There is no menu at Kahlo Diego which is a pet hate of mine, even if the menu is simple or seasonal I want to know how much I can expect to pay for a drink without having to ask. At Diego the drinks cost 15,000-20,000 including the simple ones like a G&T so you might as well go for something fancy.


Lex asked which alcohol I liked and what flavours, I said Vodka and anything fruity and he set about making me a Berry Berry (20,000). This was a mix of bourbon, Ciroc berry, cranberry, mint, lime and cranberry juice. As well as looking spectacular it tasted fantastic, if ever there was a drink for Fat Girl then this was it. It was sweet and strong and exactly my style, he absolutely nailed it. It was kind of like a berry version of a mint julep, I never would have put bourbon and vodka together but it really worked.


As I supped upon my creation, Ray Sway tested his muster by ordering on Old Fashioned (18,000). He told me this was always his test for a bar to see if they could get it right. Lex showed the man his collection of bitters and talked about the different versions until they settled on the Bartenders Old Fashioned. At the time we were the only people in the bar but the extra attention to detail really helped justify the price to me. When the drink arrived it again looked stunning. Sway said it was a touch on the sweet side for him, I’ve never been a fan of this drink thought this one was quite palatable.


All the cocktails come with a little bowl of snacks that are refillable, which was a nice addition, it is always good to have something to nibble on when you are drinking. While it certainly isn’t the cheapest cocktail bar in town the drinks are well made and beautifully concocted. There are a tonne of speak easy type places in my neighbourhood now, but I really enjoyed this one, it is a great spot to hit up on date night, before or after dinner.


Kahlo & Diego is located at 260-101 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until you come to the stairs and an underpass. Go through the tunnel and take the stairs on the left. Keep walking straight and follow the road around until you get to Well Being Mart. You should see that the road forks, cross over and take the left side. Keep walking straight, past Pizza School, and past the Ace Mart, then take the road that turns right directly after Ace Mart. There are lots of cool bars and restaurants along this street. Keep following the road, Kahlo Diego is on the left hand road just before you reach Éclair. For more information you can call them on 02-794-0872. They are open from 8pm – late everyday!