I can’t believe that it has been four years since I first started writing this blog. As a naturally lazy and sloth like person I am continually surprised and a little proud of the the fact that I have managed to keep it going all this time. Without getting too soppy, I’d just like to say a big thank you to all of my beloved readers. You spurred me on to keep blogging even when even my own friends and family stopped reading and I couldn’t have done it without you. Knowing that over 100,000 people read this blog every month gives me the motivation to get off the sofa and go out into the city and find the most delicious foods that Seoul has to offer. I have eaten some amazing things over the last four years, and I know there is even better to come, so please keep reading.


Birthdays to me, mean parties, and as far as I’m concerned, it isn’t a party without food, booze, and cake. I had already made myself a cake, because what else are Sunday’s for? But I needed food and booze. Luckily all of my favourite bars and restaurants came through for me with a multitude of gifts. Instead of being my usual greedy self and keeping all these fabulous prizes, I’ve decided that sharing is caring and I’m giving them away to you! To WIN just click HERE, like the facebook page and enter your name and email address. For a double chance to win, add your email address to the box below and subscribe, and for a triple chance to win share this post on facebook, and include the hash tag #fatgirl4thbirthday so I know you have done it (make sure the post is public so I can see it). All of the entries will go into a giant raffle bowl and be drawn at random this Saturday! Winners will then be able to choose the prize they would like in the order they are drawn.


So what are the fabulous prize you can win, well let me tell you more. All of my fantastic supporters have been incredibly generous and there are over 500,000 won’s worth of prizes to be won!


Gino’s NY Style Pizza –  2 x 50,000 Vouchers! The city’s number 1 New York City style pizza joint, has given me two 50,000 vouchers to give away. If you haven’t tried their insanely insatiable pizza yet, then now is your chance.


Vatos – 50,000 Voucher. The best Mexican in town has provided me with a 50,000 gift certificate. Go down and join their never ending party and stuff your face with tacos until you can no longer move.


The Wolfhound – 50,000 voucher. The Irish bar where TFB & I’s love story first started has provided a 50,000 gift voucher for you to eat, drink and be merry the Irish way.


Brera – 50,000 voucher.  My favourite neighbourhood Italian has very kindly donated a 50,000 won voucher which will buy you at least three of their delicious pasta dishes and one of their fabulous tiramisus. Or you can get wine, lots and lots of wine!


Lobster bar – 50,000.  The original whole lobster and lobster sandwich joint has very kindly provided me with a 50,000 won gift certificate. Fill your face with with fabulously fancy grilled cheese, or treat yourself to entire lobster. Go on, you deserve it!


Bulldogs – 40,000 voucher. My home away from home has provided a 40,000 won gift certificate for you to enjoy. If you are as upset about Brexit as I am, drown your sorrows in a giant vat of Pimm’s and a dozen scotch eggs.


Sprout – 30,000 voucher. My vegan and veggie readers are just as important as the meat eaters, so feel free to indulge in all of Sprout’s super fresh and healthy delights.


The Royal Food & Drink – 25,000 voucher. HBC’s best option for a cheap and tasty brunch. You may have to climb a hill first, but I swear their delicious food makes it all worth it.


Casablanca – 20,000 voucher. No doubt about it, Casablanca serves the best sandwiches in town, and probably the entire world. And with the 20,000 voucher they have provided you can buy one of each flavour or try two of their new platters!


Mix and Malt – Free Wings & Beer. I think I have mentioned on more than a few occasions how much I enjoy the cocktails at Mix & Malt, but did I also tell you how great their wings are? This coupon gets you a plate of your favourite flavour and the beer of your choice!


Left CoastFree Cocktail & Totchos. Have my favourite cocktail of a Good Time lemonade and a pile of pulled pork tatertot nachos on the house in honour of my birth. You are welcome!


Pick A BagelFree NY Sampler Box – A selection of NY’s finest bagels and cream cheeses for you to enjoy the way god intended, lying on your sofa watching reality TV.


Windy City Pizza –  1Slice & 1 Beer. Windy City Pizza is offering a free slice of their Chicago style pizza and the beer or Nitro coffee of your choice. The pop up closes in the next 2 weeks, so be sure to get it while its hot!


Jamesons – 1 70cl Bottle. Ireland’s greatest export next to TFB, has given me a bottle of their wonderful whiskey to give away. Drink it neat, on the rocks, or with lime and ginger. let’s get this party started!


Absolut Korea1 70cl Bottle. In my eyes it isn’t a party without Vodka, and luckily Absolut have come through to provide me a bottle of their newest flavour Absolut Korea. A deliciously infused blend of coffee, almond and chilli it is delicious all by itself or mixed into a fabulous cocktail.


That’s all for the prizes folks, good luck to you all, and I hope you enjoy the party as much as I enjoyed devouring slice after slice of this fabulous cake. Happy Birthday to me!