Monsoon days are usually pretty damn crummy and depressing, however every cloud has a silver lining and I have just the post to turn that frown upside down. Cake! Lots and and lots of beautiful cakes! Conversation is the hottest little cake shop in town. It has only been open for just over two weeks but has already garnered quite the following as you can see from the picture below. At the moment there are no queues, but I can’t see that lasting too long once the Korean bloggers find out about it, so i suggest you pay a visit sooner rather than later.


Conversation, located just off of Garosugil in Sinsa is the first Korean store of Russian baker Nina Gudkova. She is already uber famous in Russia and has 8 stores there already. The Korean store is her very first international store, although she is currently in the works of opening locations in Amersterdam, New York, and LA. So I’m sure it won’t be long before she is bigger than Cronut maker Dominique Ansel.


The bakery is quite large and is run by two Korean sisters who discovered Nina and her amazing cakes when they were visiting Moscow. The bakery itself is a girl’s dream come true with lots of flowers strewn throughout and the most amazing display of beautiful and bountiful cakes. Even in my dreams I have never before gazed upon such an array of delights. It is like the holy grail of cake shops. The best thing about Nina’s cakes is that they look genuinely homemade. Despite their allure, the layers aren’t all quite the same sizes and they don’t have the perfectly polished symmetrical look. Long ago I learned that if a cake looks too perfect it probably isn’t going to taste that good, so after gazing upon the wonderment of these creations I knew they were going to taste as good as they looked.


I was very fortunate that one of my very good friends had brought me along to Conversation to celebrate my 4th Blog Birthday. While these cakes are incredibly huge, the price reflects that, so I was thrilled when she suggested we get quite a few things to share and taste and whatever was left I could take home. She didn’t have to ask me twice and we soon set upon the difficult task of choosing which ones to try. After seeing the ginormous beauty of it I had to try the Whoppie Pie Cake 15,800. I have never had a whoppie pie cake before, and they actually sell whoppie pies too. However I only had eyes for the insatiably sinful supersize version. The cake consisted of layers of chocolate sponge, filled with creamy white frosting, and was topped with chunks of cheesecake, mixed berries, and smothered in a rich chocolate ganache. If you love indulgent chocolate cake then this cake should make all your dreams come true. It was intensely decadent and it took me three attempts to finish it, but my god was it good.


The second cake we tried was the Fluffy Superwoman Cake (11,800). I love a good crepe cake, in fact I have made quite a few myself. And this one was by far the best I’ve ever had. You’d imagine that 20 crepes all sandwiched together would be really heavy but it is as light as air. This one was filled with cream and layers of white chocolate custard which was so sweet and chocolatey I almost fainted with pleasure. This was probably my favourite of the cakes we tried just because it was so light and easy to eat, move over Barry M, there is a new crepe Queen in town.


Along with the first two cakes we tried a Mini Cheesecake topped with bubblegum creme, choux buns and a a tiny teddy bear cookie (12,900), and Bubble Gum flavoured Marshmallows (3,800 for 3)  which were lighter than air. To drink we had a Sunrise Lemonade (8,500) an orange lemonade laced with passion fruit and raspberry jam, and a Blueberry & Blackcurrant Tea (7,800). Even the drinks were incredibly special, I have never had fruit tea before that has packed such a punch of flavour. Instead of using teabags they use special jams that Nina creates to make the fruity and flavourful beverages.


If you love dessert or are looking for somewhere special to meet a friend for coffee then this is it. In terms of both visuals and flavour it is like a Willy Wonka’s Wonderland. The cakes are such a joy to behold, it would be impossible to walk out of this place without a smile upon your face.


Conversation is located at 36 Dosan-daero, 17gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Sinsa Station (line 3) and come out of exit 8. Walk straight, then take the 5th left turn that you see. walk straight down this road. You will see Conversation a few blocks down on the right hand side. For more information you can call them on 070-5123-9398 or check out their facebook page.