Unless you live under a rock you have more than likely heard about the new Pokemon game, where you go on your own quest to catch as many of the little critters as possible. Well my life is also like that, though instead of looking for pretend animated characters, I’m looking for brunch spots. For some reason brunch seems to need to fill far more criteria than a simple lunch ever would. For starters they have to have a western style menu filled with egg and carb heavy options, secondly, strong and reviving cocktails, and thirdly, outside seating. It is rare to come across in place in Seoul that manages to satisfy all three,  but thankfully Made just about does. Whenever I am in Sinsa, it is the only place I like to go to. Its location in between Apgujeong and Garosugil makes it the perfect place to stop and take a rest and watch the world go by. The large open doors give you the feeling of being outside while still being very close to the air conditioning. The best part is that they serve brunch all day everyday, with an extra special bunch menu on weekends.


As I’ve said on numerous occasions, it is not brunch without booze. Luckily Made has quite a few options in that regard. This time I tried the brand new Watermelon Cooler (12,000), A refreshing blend of watermelon juice and vodka and the cutest straw ever, it is the perfect drink to revive you after walking around in this horrifically humid weather, though be forewarned its insatiably drinkable but also rather potent, so don t be surprised to find yourself a little tipsy if you drink more than one. My companion had the Blood orange Mimosa (9,000) which is also divine, they also have a Peach Bellini on the menu too, which I also adore as champagne cocktails always make life a little more fabulous.


Made’s brunch menu is actually pretty diverse, in face they have two brunch menus, one for everyday, and a special one for weekends (yay). Since my last visit a few new items have been added so we decided to give a couple of them a try.  The one that popped out to me straight away was the Fried Chicken Chicken with Pancakes, bacon and Maple Syrup (18,000). This dish was epic, it was huge, in fact it is probably enough for two. 2 giant pieces of crispy fried chicken, on a bed of fluffy pancakes and smothered in maple syrup and topped with shards of salty bacon. I love a sweet and salty combo and I think my love of fried chicken does not even need to be mentioned. Honestly I loved this, and would happily eat this for breakfast for the rest of my life.


To even out our sinful fried chicken and pancakes we also split a Caesar Salad (14,000). Another new addition to the menu, this pimped out Caesar had huge chunks of chicken, avocado, egg, and oodles of grated Parmesan and a creamy Caesar dressing. It probably isn’t the healthiest salad in the world but it was darn tasty and very filling, and if we are being honest isn’t that the most important thing.


Lastly we tried the Mushroom Toast (14,000). This was actually a half portion that we were given as a service to try for free. I adore mushrooms, and cant get enough of them, so this was right up my street. The sauteed mushrooms were on top of a toasted slice of their homemade bread and a pile of  fluffy scrambled eggs. Fresh rocket was placed on top and gave a nice peppery flavour to the dish.  All in all a winner on the vegetarian front .


Overall I’m glad to see the menu has been updated, when you go to a brunch spot regularly it is easy to get bored of eating the same old things so it was good to try something new. Along with what we tried there is also an American Breakfast, Pork Belly Hash with Fried Eggs, Sicilian Baked Eggs, Eggs Benedict and a variety of Breakfast Sandwiches, more than enough to keep anyone happy.


As an extra special weekend treat for all my readers I’ve got booze to give away! If you go to to Made for brunch in the next month and share a picture of your meal on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #madeseoul and tag @madeseoul you’ll be given a FREE Glass of Sangria or a Platinum Pale Ale. What’s better that brunch? Brunch with free booze. Happy brunching y’all.


Made is located at 578-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Apgujeong station (line 3) and come out of exit 5. Walk straight and take the first left, then turn right. You will see Made just ahead on the left hand side. For more information you can call them on 02-512-1050 or check out their facebook page.