I’m off, off on my travels, if you hadn’t noticed that I am instagramming from a different place every day, you should be paying more attention. Our first stop on the road to nowhere was the land of windmills and wooden clogs, otherwise known as Amsterdam. This stop was exceedingly short, in fact we only had one night before we jetted off to the cosmopolitan mecca that is Dublin, but it was long enough to eat the equivalent of about 3 meals.


I had one plan and one plan alone and that was to fill my belly with as many frites as possible, the crispy fried chips smothered in all manner of sauces are pretty hard to beat but I also wanted to try some other foods too. So after some research we decided to hit up the Foodhallen as it has a whole host of eateries all under one roof, and if you are short of time this is really the way to go.


The Food Hallen has about 20 or so different vendors insider and community seating. We visited in the evening but I feel there may be more in the way of market type stalls if you visit in the day time too. One thing I had my heart set on eating was a burger from the Butcher. This burger joint is considered to offer one of the best burgers in the dam, and they weren’t wrong. After perusing the menu we settled on the The Truffle Burger (€9.90). Man was this burger good and it got a loud and resigning Mmmm when I bit into it, it was exactly the kind of burger I have been lusting after, they seriously need to open one of these in Seoul. My only regret was that I didn’t add cheese, and also that TFB didn’t let me get a second one. We also got a portion of the Frites (€2.80) which were incredibly good too. I had been dying for a cone of freshly fried chips and these sated my lust.


We also stumbled across Chicks Love Donuts, a cute and quirky stall ran by two delightful Korean sisters. They had a fried chicken mini donut burger which I couldn’t resist trying (€3). The fried chicken was topped with a sweet and spicy yangnyum style sauce and kimchi, housed between two donut buns and topped with pink sugar. It was the ideal combination between sweet, spicy, and salty. I could really see them catching on in Seoul.


After our burgers we finally got around to trying Dutch delicacy Bitter Ballen. Bitterballen are little balls of meat filled batter that are then breaded and deep fried. We got a set of five for €6.50. The flavours included boullabaisse, goats cheese, thai soup, truffle and beef, and they came served with a robust mustard sauce. I loved these and if we had more time I could have loved to try more, the goats cheese and truffle variety were heavenly, as was the original beef. Anyone visiting must give them a try.


You can’t got to the Foodhallen without visiting the Gin and Tonic bar, so of course we did.They have a nice array of different gins, with as variety of tonics and additions. I opted for a refreshing blend of mint and raspberry, but you could drink there all day without running out of options. There are also a couple of other bars selling beer, wine and spirits to keep everyone happy.


The Food Hallen is located at Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT Amsterdam. It’s not far to the Leidseplein or the Museums and there are lots of different transport options. You can see the Food Hallen website for more details.