If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know how fond I am of travelling. I have written and shared articles about almost all of my travels over the years, but I have yet to write anything about Cornwall. Although I didn’t grow up there, that acolade belongs to Somerset, I have spent years going there ever since my parents moved there in my late teens. After London, Cornwall is one of the best locations in the country for foodies. Not only is it filled with beautiful beaches and country side it’s got dozens of fantastic restaurants and world renowned chefs. In most south west corner of the UK there are hundreds of delicous things to eat but these are the five that I believe shouldn’t be missed.


Cream Tea –  a cream tea is the quintessential treat to enjoy when travelling in Cornwall. A couple of scones served with clotted cream and home made jam and a nice strong pot of tea. Have it for your mid morning coffee break, or after lunch or even for the main meal itself. How you eat it is up to you, the Cornish put the jam on first then the cream and Devoner’s put the cream on then the jam, Personally I’m with the Devoners, just don’t tell anyone.


Cornish Pasty – After the cream tea the other thing you can absolutely not leave Cornwall without trying is the Cornish Pasty, for non Brits it is kind of like a giant empanada. It’s a short crust pasty traditionally filled with skirt steak, carrot, swede and onion, and a touch of gravy. It gets its crimped edge from the miners who would often find their hands were too black to eat their sandwiches, so the crimped edge was invented for them to hold their lunch. Over the years it has developed and there are now all manner of fun flavours, personally I quite like the chicken and broccoli ones.


Ice Cream -You can’t go to Cornwall without having an ice cream, and luckily there are hundreds of places offing it. There are lots of local brands like Roskilly’s, and that are served at ice creameries all along the cost. Be sure not to miss out on getting a scoop on clotted cream on top, because why not? Just be sure to keep an eye out for seagulls, the ones in St. Ives take no prisoners and will wrestle you to the ground to get your sweet treat, not that you can blame them, we’ve all been there.


Rattler Cider – The west country is well known for its cider and one of Cornwall’s most famous brands is Rattler. You can find it in most brewery owned pubs in the county, just keep an eye out for the snake like tap and get ready to put some hairs on your chest.


Fish and Chips – I adore fish and chips, and being surrounded by so much coastline Cornwall is a pretty darn good place to get your fix. Personally I find the Porthminster Cafe on the beach at St Ives pretty hard to beat. They do them in the restaurant itself or you can get a takeaway and eat them wrapped in paper out on the beach. If you are in Falmouth or Padstow you can also check out Rick Stein’s. It’s not the cheapest but the celeb chef is known for having some of the best fish and chips around.