This trip has certainly seen a lot of stops, and one of our favourites has been the Emerald Isle where my beloved TFB hails from. The land of leprechauns, pots of gold, U2, and drunkards has won my girlish heart thanks to the friendly people and fabulous food and drink. Dublin is a city that I have truly fallen for and I can’t wait for our next trip so we can explore the culinary landscape further. Now this is in no way a definitive list, feel free to comment below to let me know what I missed. But if you are heading to the fair city be sure to try a few of these.


1. Simon’s Place – As long as I can remember TFB has always proclaimed that Simon’s in Dublin serves the world’s best sandwiches, with Casablanca coming a very close second of course. I love a good sarnie so of course it was our first stop in Dublin. There is quite the arrangement of classics like ham, cheese, and chicken, nothing fancy so don’t expect to see olives, sundried tomatoes or avocado, but by god were these sanwiches good. Everything was just right down to the bread and creamy mayo fillings. They also have some damn decent cakes and salads too. It’s the perfect lunch stop.


2. Boxty House – I’ve long been a fan of good old stew and Gallagher’s Boxty House serves a whole platter of them. Traditional Irish (lamb) Guinness (beef) and Coddle (sausage) these delicious hearty treats were served with a trio of soda breads (€20). You can also try the boxty, a traditional Irish potato pancake, again served in three different ways, as dumplings, fries, and a potato bread smeared with goats cheese (€11). if you are looking for a good old fashioned taste of Ireland then this Temple Bar restaurant is not to be missed.


3. Fade Street Social – I think we all know how mad I am for a cocktail and Fade Street Social didn’t let me down. I needed to find the perfect spot for a reunion with my old room mate in Oz, and writer of Olivia’s Mother Blog. And the rooftop at Fade Street was the perfect location. There are actually four floors but we were perfect up on the terrace, the sun even came out for us and that’s a rarity in Ireland. They serve a contemporary mix of classic and experimental libations. My favourite was the Rhubarb Tart (€12) a delicious concoction of vanilla vodka, lemon juice, rhubarb puree and rosemary. This was heaven in a glass and I can’t wait to try my hand at a recreation. The Mojito Royal wasn’t bad either.


4. Murphy’s of Dingle – I love a good ice-cream and the lusciously creamy version from Dingle in Kerry was on my list from the beginning. They had a rather out there selection but luckily they let you try them, they even had gin flavour! I settled in the end for a scoop of the Dingle Seasalt and the Blissful Butterscotch covered in extra butterscotch sauce. It was the ideal dessert after a fabulous lunch. We ate it outside the steps of the Powerscourt shopping centre while watching the world go by.


5 Spice Bag – My future Brother in Law introduced me to this treat, and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier. In Chinese takeouts all over Dublin you can get a bag of chips and battered chicken pieces mixed with chili, garlic, and spices. The spice bag is absolutely amazing, in fact it’s so good I had two!


6. Snacks – Whenever I travel, I always make a point of trying the local snacks, and Ireland doesn’t let you down there either. Tayto are the famed crisps that everyone loves, along with Hunky Dorys, an even vinegary version of McCoys. And to drink Club Orange (think fanta but way nicer) and Red Lemonade which tastes nothing like lemonade but is kind of like Lucozade, Irn Bru and Tizer mixed together.


7. Breakfast Roll – I’d honestly never heard of the breakfast roll, we tend to go for breakfast baps back in the motherland. We got ours from the Spar shop, which is also way better than the ones we have in the UK. This pimped out convenience store had a whole deli counter ready to make fresh baguettes and sandwiches. TFB got the works, bacon, egg, black pudding, white pudding, egg, sausage, hash brown, and brown sauce all stuffed into a baguette. It was pretty awesome, and probably the best hangover cure ever.


8. Cafe en Seine – I know, I know, a French joint in a list about Dublin, but this place was far too beautiful not to mention. The architecture was absolutely stunning and I enjoyed the most divine salad in amongst a day filled with chips, ice cream and cocktails. It was recommended by my parents who spent an entire day there drinking on their last visit and enjoyed themselves so much, they almost missed their flight home (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in that regard). If the sun isn’t shining you’d be hard pushed to find a more adorable watering hole.


9. Cupcake Bloke -Baked goods are always one of my favourite things to treat myself to, and luckily I stumbled across The Cupcake bloke’s stall when I was in desperate need of a sugar rush after too much shopping. His stall is every sweet toothed persons dream. I opted for the Rocky Road Cupcake (€2.50), a vanilla cupcake topped with rich and creamy chocolate frosting and a slab of rocky road. You can find him on Coppinger Row every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


10. Guinness – When in Dublin you have to get yourself a pint or ten of the black stuff, you can even take the tour ad go around the brewery museum which ends up at the bar. It’s said that the further away from Dublin you are, the worse the beer tastes, so if you are after a pint of the world’s most famous stout then this is the place to get one.