Of all the soirees that I manage to blag an invite to, the events at the home of The British ambassador Charles Hay always seem to be the swankiest. In the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to attend the invite only birthday parties held for my Queen, Elizabeth II, in the ambassadors very own garden. And while everyone isn’t bestowed the privilege of attending her majesty’s birthday shindig, they are more than welcome to buy a ticket to the British Chamber of Commerce’s annual Garden Party.


This year the BCCK Garden Party is being held on Thursday September 8th between 6:30pm – 9pm in the private and rather incredible garden of the British ambassador’s private residence, near city hall. The party will be attended by at least 350-400 guests who will party the night away British style. Tickets are still available and cost 69,000 pp for BCCK members and 79,000 pp for non members, and include all of the evenings food, drink and entertainment.


Like all of life’s most fabulous parties this one is an all you can eat and drink affair. This years bar will be sponsored by Snow Leopard, Macallan and Harry Brompton’s alcoholic ice tea, so you can be sure to get rather squiffy while swanning around like you own the place.


While the Millennium Hilton hotel will be providing a luxury British buffet. The menu includes a carvery of roast prime rib and yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, cornish pasty, shepherds pie, bangers and mash, scoptch eggs, and a whole host of British desserts like lemon meringue pie and cherry trifle. And after dinner DJ Yann Cavaille will be pumping out the tunes to help you get your groove on and work off all those extra calories you just consumed.


Like all BCCK parties there will another big raffle and give away for all attendees, prizes will be given from Jo Malone, Denby, Macallan, and more. In fact even the BCCK itself is getting in on the action and giving away a FREE TICKET to the ball, to win just click here and share the garden party event on your facebook page.


The BCCK’s Garden Party is being held on Thursday September 8th 2016 from 6:30pm – 9:00 pm. Tickets are priced at 69,000 pp for BCCK members and 79,000 pp for non members. For more information about the event or to buy your ticket please visit the BCCK facebook page, or the BCCK website.