As you may know I have been eating healthy of late, but I thought the perfect way to break my fast would be with that old American favourite, pancakes. I’m not usually a huge lover of pancakes, but I have always heard good things about The Pancake Epidemic (TPE), so when I was in the area with friends last week we figured it was worth a try.


TPE is located in between Apgujeong and Cheongdam and is on the second floor above their clothes store. The space has that minimalist industrial hipster chicness that one would expect of a cool coffee shop in Seoul. In amongst the wooden tables and benches are super comfy bed like sofas, which are the perfect place to chillax on over a few cups of really good coffee.


Probably the biggest draw to The Pancake Epidemic is the fact that they serve Stumptown coffee, which is usually a favourite of coffee lovers. They serve their original cold brew on tap here at TPE, as well as a honey brew and all the usual favourites. I wouldn’t consider myself as much of a coffee connoisseur, I have no idea about origins and whatnot, but I can certainly taste a good one when I try it. I had already had two black coffees that day so was in desperate need of a change, so I got my weekend favourite, an ice vanilla latte (7,000). I could taste the rich and strong flavour of the coffee even through all the milk and sugar, and it was clear to see why this coffee is so popular.


On the menu are three kinds of pancakes, they used to have more but since they first opened there has been a problem with their franchise supplier in the states so they now just serve the bare minimum. The pancakes available are Original, Nutella, and Bon-less (ham & cheese). We decided to get the Original which were 6,500 for 3 pieces. The pancakes arrived promptly and were sat in a puddle of maple syrup and topped with a pile of whipped creamy butter. As mentioned I am not usually that fussed by pancakes but these were spectacular, by far the best ones I have ever eaten. Maybe it was just the sheer ecstasy of eating sugar again but I was very happy. There was plenty of syrup and the buttery creamy stuff on the top was heavenly. They are also very well priced, this would amply feed one person, even someone as greedy as me.


The second set we ordered was the Nutella (8,500), I can never resist anything with Nutella in it! The pancakes were spread with a thick layer of the Nutella and piled up like a triple-decker Nutella sandwich. On top was a big ball of creamy ice-cream, and a small pool of maple syrup was on the bottom. Unlike the original, these pancakes were studded with nuts, which gave them an extra nice crunch. If you have a real sweet tooth I’d probably go for these, but personally I think I would have to give the edge to the originals.


Overall I was impressed, I didn’t have high expectations going in but I left really happy. If you like really good coffee and/or really good pancakes it is certainly worth the journey across town.


The Pancake Epidemic is located at 42, Apgujeong-ro 46-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Apgujeong Rodeo (yellow line) and come out of exit 5. Walk straight for two blocks and then turn right. Walk straight for seven blocks long this road, The Pancake Epidemic is on the left hand side on the second floor. For more information you can call them on 02-3445-4525 or check out their facebook page. Pancake Epidemic is open everyday from 10:30am -10:00pm.