Chuseok is on the way, T-2 days in fact, and that means a five day weekend! Now if you are not one of the lucky souls visiting family or using the time to travel to far flung and exotic places because you didn’t have the foresight to book a flight back in January then all is not lost. Chuseok is the perfect time to enjoy our beloved capital city Seoul without the crowds. The intense heat has died down and we have nothing but blue skies and sunny days ahead. Now while you are enjoying the city it is important to keep yourself nourished, so here is a list of whats open and when over the holiday period.


Brera – Italian – The Italian stallions will be staying open throughout the vacation. In fact when I asked owner Giovanni which days they will be closed, he proclaimed to not even know what Chuseok was. So stop by the Beotigogae restaurant for their amazing pizza, pasta, gnocchi, and brunch.


Phillies – Pub – The Haebangchon hangout will be open throughout the holidays for all your drinking needs. I also recently went to check out their new menu and have to say I was very impressed with how it has been updated, particularly the Cuban sandwich.


+84 – Vietnamese – Located in the very beautiful streets of Insadong is the the cute and adorable +84. Currently one of the cities most talked about restaurants, the prices are low and the food is insatiably tasty. Do not miss trying the bahn mi or the bun cha, as far as I’m concerned they are the best I have had outside of Vietnam. CLOSED FRIDAY due to being so busy.


Canucks – Canadian – Itaewons biggest and brightest sports pub will be open each and everyday. Fill up on the fare from the great white north. my favourites include the poutine, burgers, and pork belly. I’m also rather partial to their cocktails.


The Royal Food & Drink – Brunch – Located up on the HBC ogeori is one of the healthiest and most delicious restaurants in the city. One of their fabulous brunch platters is exactly what you need to revive yourself after a few days of non stop partying, especially if you pair it with one of their bloody marys!


Closed Wednesday 14th Only

13210987685_10153030785706142_5098226603357435417_n10846358_10152860158801142_7241667563320793337_n - 복사본

Manimal – BBQ – Itaewon,  Ciuri Ciuri – Italian – Sansu / Hongdae, Hidden Cellar – Bar – HBC


Closed Thursday 15th Only


Casablanca – Morrocan – HBC, Mix & Malt – American-Hyehwa, Left Coast – Burgers – Itaewon, The Workshop – Pub – HBC, Jil’hal Bros – Street Food – Hongdae


Closed Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th


Ginos – Pizza – Itaewon, Bulldogs – British – Itaewon, Rye Post – Sandwiches – Itaewon, Lobster Bar – Lobster – Itaewon, Vatos – Mexican – Itaewon / Sinsa

Closed Thursday 15th & Friday 16th 


WinK – Pub – Kyodae