I’ve decided to add a new feature here at Fat Girl entitled “Pub of the Month”. You may be aware that over the past year or two a lot of long established expat watering holes have closed their doors for the last time. They may have had toilets that smelled like chlamydia, floors stickier than jam, and furniture that was falling apart, but they were there for us when we needed them. The times we were too drunk to get into that fancy club, when we were so pissed no one else would serve us, to provide us with fried foods to help sober us up for the long journey home, to never judge us for the mingers we hooked up with, or to mention that time when we threw up all over the pool table. Those pubs were there when we were feeling down and lonely and needed to go somewhere where everyone knew our name. I might drink a lot less that I did 8 years ago but I feel it’s my duty to support my old favourite drinking holes so they too don’t suffer the same fate from rent hikes and be turned into yet another coffee shop.


Phillies, in its current guise, has been part of Haebangchon for over 5 years now. In fact it was the very first bar I drank in, around the HBC area. It has been there in good times and bad, drunk times and in sober. And many nights I have left their basement to find that 6 hours have mysteriously disappeared from my life and it is now 5 am the next morning. The pub has always been wildly sought after, probably because of their cheap drinks, awesome burgers, and incredibly handsome bar tenders. but is there more to the Haebangchon hangout?


Phillies is a bar that you can depend upon, because it is always open. Week nights they start from 5pm and stay open until late, while on weekends they start the party at 2pm on Saturdays and 11:30am on Sunday Funday where they serve up cheap Bloody Caesars and shots of Pleasant Pheasant. Their plump and pleasant menu has recently revamped, don’t worry they still have all your favourites, they have just amped up the tempo and added some new dishes to make it one of the most delicious places to eat in the ‘chon.


One such item I tried was the Cuban Sandwich (10,000). I decided to give this a go, as I had heard it wasn’t to be missed. As sandwiches go this is rarely one of my favourite choices as I kinda have a weird thing about ham (don’t ask). But this was pretty mind blowing. Great chewy and crisp baguette-like bread, a thick slab of freshly cut ham, creamy provolone cheese, tangy dill pickles and mojo roast pork which is marinated for 16 hours in habanero, orange, lime and herbs. I know these were super hyped and on every menu in town last year after the movie “Chef” came out, but this one is the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned.


As well as serving their standard menu every night of the week, they also have a whole host of food and drink specials. On Mondays they serve pierogies, and host the best excuse to drink on a Monday ever, Joker Jackpot. It hasn’t been won in quite sometime and next week’s pot is now up to a whopping 620,000. On Tuesdays they offer 2 for 1 house drinks as well as 5,000won fried chicken sandwiches, which I have tried(see below) and and is one of my favourite things on the menu. On Wednesday they have the pub quiz which starts at 9pm, and on Thursday night it’s wing night 10 for 4,500 with purchase of a drink with 12 different flavours to choose from. On Fridays it’s a full rack of ribs with potato salad for 12,000 and on Sundays they do a a special Sunday dinner than changes on a weekly basis.


The Tuesday special of a Fried Chicken sandwich (5,000), is possibly the best way you could ever spend 5,000 won. I got mine with an extra side of buffalo sauce. For those who can’t make it on a Tuesday you can also find a full sized version for 10,000 any other night of the week. If you like fried chicken as much as I do you’ll be hard pushed not to enjoy this finger licking piece of fried goodness.


Last weeks Sunday Special, was Shepherds Pie (10,000), though I have heard it is soon going to make its way to the regular menu as it was so popular. The pies are served in their own adorable pans, a tasty mix of beef and lamb in gravy, topped with creamy mash. So technically half shepherd, half cottage or a Shepherds Cottage pie if you will. This will make the perfect meal once the weather turns a little colder, especially with a  Merry Down cider on the side (4,500). So if it’s been been a while since you’re last visit be sure to go and stop by and check out the new menu.


Phillies is located at 44-17 Yongsan-dong, 2 ga, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong Station (line 6). Come out of exit 2 and walk straight. When you reach the end of the tree lines street, take the road bearing left and walk straight past the kimchi pots. Keep going straight, past The Hidden Cellar and Bonny’s Pizza. Phillies is on the left side opposite BurgerMine. For more information you can check out their facebook page.