With my jam packed schedule it has actually been quite a while since I last had a chance to eat at my favourite HBC bistro, McCoy’s. So when they invited me back to try their new menu, i just couldn’t say no. I last reviewed the cute and quaint eatery at the end of last year, when it became one of my most popular date night restaurants. Not only is the place absolutely adorable, the food is also fantastic and it’s very well priced. I hoped that nothing had changed in that department since my last visit and luckily I wasn’t disappointed.


The menu at Mccoy’s changes seasonally as almost all of the fresh ingredients are locally sourced. Chef Denis explained all of the new items, and knowing what fantastic taste he has, I left it up to him to make our selections while we enjoyed a refreshing glass of white wine (6,000). Our first dish was the Salmon Gravlax with Feta Cheese and Summer Melon (19,000). Like every other dish that comes out from the kitchen, this salad was a work of art. I’d love to have the skills to make my salads as beautiful as this one.  As discussed many times, I’m picky with salmon, but this gravlax  was really special. The thin slices of cured fish were so fresh and just melted in the mouth. Mingled with the feta and melon and balsamic dressing, the dish had a perfect balance of sweet, salty and sour. It was incredibly light and refreshing and we both loved it.


For our main course we had the Chicken Fricassee (23,000), which was served in the most adorable little pot. Once I lifted the lid I found stuffed chicken thighs, and a creamy white wine risotto. I adored this, I would have licked that pot clean if my spoon hadn’t done such a good job of scraping up every last morsel. The juicy chunks of chicken thigh were divine, especially when smothered in the rich and creamy sauce. The seasonal veg also added a nice bit of crunch and colour. I loved this dish so much I even bought the ingredients to recreate it on my way home. Mine wasn’t as good as chef Denis’, but I know have really enjoyed a meal when I want to make it myself the next evening!


Lastly for dessert we were given a small plate of fruit. Usually I don’t consider fruit to be dessert but this was so exquisitely elegant that I couldn’t help but be impressed. The melon, nectarines, and figs were great way to round out the meal. Chef Denis is actually offering this as a free dessert for anyone who makes a reservation for a dinner from now until the end of November. so be sure to call ahead before you go, and mention this offer when booking.


I adore Mccoy’s and feel that we are so lucky to have such a place in our neighbourhood. I’ve yet to have a dish that wasn’t delicious and incredibly pretty to look at. Prices are great and you can eat well for 30,000 a head, or incredibly for 50,000. The small and intimate atmosphere make it perfect for the Autumns and chilly nights we will soon be having, when the last thing you want to do is trek across town. If you’ve yet to go, I insist you try it, and if you have been before it’s time to go back!


McCoy’s is located at 1 Sinheung-ro 12gil, Yongsan gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong Station and come out of exit 2. Walk straight to the end of the road, then take the road baring left and walk straight pas the Kimchi Pots. McCoy’s is located at the very end of the HBC road just past Woori Mart, it’s just up ahead in the right hand corner. For more information you can call them on 070-8872-9292 or check out their facebook page.