As you may know I have been trying to be a little more health conscious lately, although that didn’t seem to stop me stuffing my face with pizza and cheeseburgers while guzzling Moscow Mules like they were going out of fashion last weekend. To balance my somewhat dubious diet I try to eat as cleanly as possible from Monday to Friday. So when Sprout, a vegan and completely additive free homemade meal service offered to provide me with a weeks worth of free meals I was only too happy to oblige them in their offer.


Since the last time I wrote about them, Sprout has seen quite an expansion and they finally have a store front for their pick up service located at the top of the hill in HBC. Every week Sprout puts out the menu of all the dishes they will be making, then you place your order and go and collect your meals on Sunday or Monday evening.


To try something new I opted for the 5 day meal plan, which costs 115,000. In the meal plan you get a breakfast, lunch, dinner and your choice of dessert or snack for each day. You can also get a 7 day meal plan (150,000), or just choose what you fancy from the menu (5,000 – 8,000).


I was just coming off the juice detox  so for me this was the perfect way to start eating healthy food again. There was plenty of food for each day and I never really felt hungry or like I was eating “diet food”. I also added my own fruits and veggies to some of the dishes to make them a little bigger although that is completely optional.


Over the week I tried a lot of different dishes but for me the breakfast standouts were the cinnamon breakfast bowl, and the banana millet bowl. Both bowls were really tasty and filling, and I found myself really looking forward to eating them. There is also a chia pudding which comes in a variety of flavors. Chia seeds are a super ingredient that are great for cleaning the liver if you can get used to the jelly like texture.


For lunch each day I took one the cold prepared salads. My favourite by far was the falafel bowl, thought the fiesta salad with cilantro lime dressing came a close second.  One of my favourite dinners was the Chickpea Tikka Curry, they also do a korma, Thai and Matsaman version. The curry is served with brown rice. Again this was a great dinner, filling and flavourful and very quick to reheat. For those who are short of time you couldn’t ask for anything better.


Without a doubt my favourite snack of the bunch was the Nacho Cheese Dip. If it is possible to believe I devoured this whole entire platter in one sitting. Not even a smidgen of dairy was included in the slightly spicy cheesy dip and I couldn’t believe this bowl of deliciousness could be so good for me.


What sets sprout apart for me is the desserts, they are absolutely incredible and its sometimes very hard to believe that they contain no dairy. I mean how on earth do you make a cheese cake without cheese!!! But through the magic of coconut oil and cashew nuts they deliver very decadent desserts. The best part is that they come frozen, so you don’t have to eat them in all in one go, though you will probably want to. I have tasted most of the desserts at this point and they are all pretty amazing but my favourites include the Mint chocolate Chip bar, Reece’s Pieces peanut butter pie, and the Key Lime Cheesecake.


For those who don’t live in Seoul, then never fear as they also have a delivery service. Charges vary depending on how far away you are, but even if you live all the way down on the south coast you can still get your hands on Sprout’s delicious vegan foods. Sprout is located at 1-54 Yongsandong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. They are open on Sunday & Monday 6pm – 8pm but food must be pre-ordered before collection. For more information and to see this weeks menu you can visit their facebook page.