It being Monday and all, the last thing you probably want to read right now is a cocktail recipe, especially if you are still suffering from your shenanigans at the weekend. However I have been inundated with requests for this recipe after serving it at my Christmas party on Saturday to room full of thirsty revellers. I figured that if i was going to go to the effort of writing it all out, I may as well make a post out of it, just in case any of you out there are in desperate need of an easy and festive cocktail recipe.

Not only is this cocktail seasonally delicious, it’s also really easy to make up and serve as a punch for a party. The recipe below makes about 4 -5 drinks so if you are wanting to make a giant vat of it in a goldfish bowl vase you’ll need to times this recipe by at least 5 or even 10. Living in Korea, ginger beer is pretty hard to come which is why I have taken to making my own ginger syrup and then mixing that with soda. However if you are lucky enough to live back home where you can buy 2 litres of ginger beer for 50p then please by all means use that instead. If you are in Korea you can now by the Bundaberg variety from Homeplus and the GS marts, though at 3,000 a bottle it gets pricey if you are making a lot of drinks.


100ml  shots of ginger syrup
150ml  vodka
250ml cranberry juice
250ml soda water (lime flavoured if possible)
1-2 limes
ice to serve
cranberries and rosemary for decoration


1. The first thing you need to make is the ginger syrup. You do this by making a simple sugar syrup which is equal sugar and water. I tend to make quite a large batch so 4 cups of sugar, and four cups of water. Heat in a saucepan until it comes to a boil and the sugar has dissolved then allow to cool. You’ll probably need at least 500g of fresh ginger which you should scrub clean, if you have a good blender like a vitamix or Ninja you can just throw it in, however if you have cheap blender, you may want to peel and chop your ginger. Add the cooled sugar syrup and blend for about a minute. Strain your syrup through a sieve to remove all the ginger chunks and then store in a bottle in the fridge. It will then keep for a couple of months if you can resist drinking it for that long.

2. To make your cocktail take a jug, or or if you are making single drinks about 4 glasses and fill with ice. Add the vodka and syrup, then the juice and the soda. Squeeze in a quarter of a lime for each person and give it a good stir. You can then decorate your cocktail with fresh cranberries, more lime slices and sprigs of rosemary for an extra bit of festive cheer. Merry Christmas everyone.