One question that I am always asked, and always hate, is, “What is your favourite restaurant in Seoul?” I love to eat everything so I always loathe this question. I could easily come up with a top 10, but a favourite always depends on my mood and what I fancy eating at the time. However one restaurant that never fails to deliver since it opened three years ago is The Beastro. The food, the drinks, and the ambience, it is the perfect place for anything, from a casual lunch with friends or a first date, to a fancy impressive meal with loved ones. I have been at least a dozen times over the years and have always left feeling happy and well fed.

The Beastro has recently switched things up and employed a new head chef Steven Kwon, who has put his own spin on things, and come up with a new summer menu. Don’t worry executive head chef and owner Matthew Chung is still in the mix, and thankfully so is their amazing fried chicken. So when they reached out to me to come and try the revamped menu, well I could hardly resist. To make a change we ate on the second floor of the three storey restaurant, I’m usually up on their rooftop conservatory, which is the ideal place to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the summer weather.

The new menu has a real meaty vibe going on, with the chef admitting he wanted to put the beast back in The Beastro, and as much as I wanted to get the world’s best fried chicken, I refrained and decided instead to partake in some of the new items. My beloved adores salmon, so I indulged him and allowed him to get the Salmon Board (18,000), two versions of smoked salmon, one of which was much more heavily smoked than the other, so much so that it was practically cooked. Also on the board were some pickles, guacamole, and the most delightful truffle scrambled egg. I’d order this for the egg alone! There were lots of nice textures and it was kind of like a fishy version of a charcuterie board. It went very nicely with the cocktails.

The cocktail menu has also had a makeover over the past few weeks, a new one(to me at least) is the Cock & Bull Special (14,000) a heady mix of bourbon, cognac, cointreau, and benedictine. This boozy treat certainly had a kick to it, but the sweet notes made it very drinkable. I also got a Moscow Mule (12,000) because they are my absolute favourite and that cocktail practically runs through my veins at this point.

For our main courses we really were were torn with so many fabulous options to choose from. In the end I opted for the Smokey grilled BBQ Pork Chop (25,000), which was served with creamed cabbage, house bacon, mustard and pickled cucumbers.  I was really excited about this, I adore pork chops and I am thrilled that it has become a more popular cut of meat. This pork chop is smoked, meaning it isn’t as juicy as some ways of it being cooked, however the fat kept it from being even slightly dry. The creamed cabbage with bacon was a real treat, it feel as though it was a proper Irish dinner to me, especially as it was sat in a puddle of jus like gravy.

TFB ordered the Roasted Leg of Lamb (24,000) which came with the most amazing scalloped potatoes, caramelised onions, mint pistachio greolata, swiss chard, and aged balsamic jus. The lamb was absolutely melt in the mouth, it was so soft and juicy and kind of everything to me. Also on the menu are roast chicken and steak, so it’s kind of like an unofficial list of roast dinners, all the sides are different and it’s not a proper British roast, but it’s close enough to give you your Sunday roast fix.

We were actually doing a bit of celebrating during this dinner as my darling TFB, has just finished his masters. He has been working so hard and barely left the house in weeks, so it was a great chance for us to kick back and relax and enjoy some quality time. Knowing this the fabulous owner Catherine sent over a bottle of Cava (45,000) for us to enjoy. I felt like such a baller.

Our delightful dinner ended with something sweet. The dessert menu has completely changed since our last visit, so we had to try the new ones. I mean we didn’t really need them as we were rather full, but no one turns down free dessert. My favourite of the two was the ultra light and refreshing watermelon sorbet (8,000) this was heavenly and I can only imagine it will be even better in the hot and sweaty humid weather we will soon be having. We actually finished this with a drop of the champagne and it elevated it even more. The Smores Chocolate Brownie (8,000) was also very appealing, though personally I would have preferred a gooey and fudgier brownie, as I think it would better recreate the smores feeling they were going for.

Overall we were very impressed as usual with our fabulous dinner at The Beastro. They consistently change up the menu, so there is always something new for regulars, while holding on to their classic dishes, so you can still have your favourite. For a tasty yet well priced dinner it really cant be beat. if you still haven’t been, it is time to go.

The Beastro is located at  358-32 Seogyo Dong 2F, Mapo Gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Sangsu station (line 6). Come out of exit 1 and turn back on yourself. Keep walking straight for about 5 minutes until you reach the Hongdae Park. Walk up the stairs till you reach the road that runs parallel and you should see The Beastro on the 2nd floor above M.A.C (Make-up and great food!!!). For more information call 02-334-2500 or check out their facebook page.