It is day 12 of my 100 Korean foods in 100 days challenge. If you haven’t been following my challenge journey, you can catch up here. On Day 12 of the challenge, I decided it was about high time I explored the culinary landscape of Mokdong which is where I work. I usually make my own lunch each day, which is why I have never tried any of the restaurants. That and I have no friends there to eat lunch with. But I decided to put on my big girl pants and go find somewhere to eat all by myself.

For my 11th Korean food, I decided to eat Tteokbokki – 떡볶이 (2,500). Tteokbokki are rice cakes in a spicy soup like sauce, and have they always been one of my favourite Korean foods. It’s typically a fast food, that is very popular with teenagers and students, probably because it is so cheap. It is unlike anything I’ve ever eaten in western cuisine. This one was rather spicy, a little too hot for my tastes, but still pretty good.

When you get tteokbokki you typically eat it with Twigim – 튀김 (3,000), which was my 12th Korean food. I have always adored twigim, anything deep fried is aces in my book. Typically with an order of twigim you get to choose 5-6 different items which are generally battered seafood and vegetables, cut up into bite sized pieces. You are often given a soy vinegar dip too, though I didn’t get one this time. These were right on the money and I had a nice selection of seafood and veggies to munch on with my tteokbokki.

On Day 14, I thought I would keep on trucking with the Mokdong neighbourhood as it has been working out so well so far. I came across Bukchon Son Mandu, not knowing about its fame, but thinking as it had mandu in the name it would be a great place to eat some and I wasn’t disappointed.

Unsurprisingly  Bukchon Son Mandu, had quite the array of dumplings. I decided to get the Deep Fried Mandu – 만두 (3,000). They were rather large and hearty, and stuffed to the gils, with meat, noodles, and veggies. They were so good, I’m still craving them now. I adore mandu, in fact any kind of dumplings are always a favourite food of mine, whether they’re Chinese style dim sum or served with stew, British style. Just the name dumpling gets my juices flowing.

For my 14th food I ordered a Mandu Soup – 만두국 (6,000). Another popular way for Koreans to eat mandu is in a bowl of soup, so I had to add it to my list too. There is something very comforting about a bowl of mandu soup, and it has always been one food that I crave when I am sick, or feeling a bit delicate after a heavy weekend of drinking. This beef broth was filled with three different dumplings, which provided a nice variety.

My 15th Korean food was Kimchi – 김치. I can’t believe I actually made it 14 days without having what is essentially Korea’s most famous food. As described on the video, Kimchi has never really been one of my favourite foods to eat. While I don’t hate, it, I don’t love it. Occasionally I will try a piece or two if given it as a side dish, but I rarely finish it, and never have it at home. However I was pleasantly surprised by this one, it was the best one I have had in a long time. Kimchi fans should certainly check it out.

15/100 Korean foods eaten, 86 days remain! What would you like to see me try next? Check out the list below.

1.Samgyupsal 삼겹살 2.Bulgogi 불고기 3.Kalbi 갈비 4.Hanwoo Steak 한우 5.Smoked Duck 오리훈제 6.Raw Beef 육회 7.Fried Chicken 후라이드치킨 8.Dak Galbi 닭갈비 9.Bossam 보 10. Don Cass 돈까스 11.Kimchi Jiggae 김치찌개 12.Dwenjang Jjiggae 된장찌개 13.Sam Gae Tang 삼계탕 14.Hangover Soup 해장국 15.Dak Dori Tang 닭도리탕 16.Seaweed Soup 미역국 17.Tteok (New Year Soup) 만두국 18.Short Ribs 갈비찜 19.Tofu Soup 순두부찌개 20. Mandu Guk 만두국 21.Bibimbab 비빔밥 22.Bokumbab 볶음밥 23.Nurungji 누룽지 24.Jjang Myeon 짜장면 25.Nangmyeon 냉면 26.Ramyeon 라면 27.Kimbab 김밥 28.Jap Chae 잡채 29.Kalguksu 칼국수 30.Jjimddaek 찜닭 31.Lotus Root 연근 32.Quails Egg 메츄리알 33.Kimchi 김치 34.White kimchi 백김치 35.Radish 깍두기 36.Cucumber 오이 37.Korean Eggplant 가지 38.Soft Tofu 순두부 39.Katnip (sauteed perilla) 깻잎 40.Mung Bean Sprouts 숙주 41.Dried Squid 오징어 42.Live Octopus 산낙지 43.Anchovi 멸치 44.Sashimi 회 45.Grilled Clam 조개구이 46.Yangnyeom Gejang 양념게장 47.Fishcake on a Stick 오뎅꼬치 48.Deep Fried Shrimp 새우튀김 49.Sea snails 소라 50.Sea Penis 개불 51.Pajeon 파전 52.Chicken Feet 닭발 53.Porridge 죽 54.Acorn Jelly 도토리욱 55.Pigs Trotters 족발 56.Dog Soup 보신탕 57.Gyeran Jjim 계란찜 58.Bindaetok 빈대떡 59.Bondegi 뻔데기 60.Sanjuk 산적 61.Tteokbokki 떡볶이 62.Mandu 만두 63.Croquette 고로게 64.Sundae 순대 65.Fried Tofu  두부부침 66.Yache Twigim 튀김 67.French Fry Hot Dog 핫도그 68.Twisted Potato 회오리감자 69.Meat on a Stick 꼬치 70.Egg Bread 계랑빵 71.Peppero 빼빼로 72.Shrimp Chips 새우칩 73.Tteokbokki snack 떡볶이과자 74.Honey Butter Chips 허니버터칲 75.Choco pie 초코파이 76.Steamed bun 호빵 77.Chestnuts 군밤 78.Jolly Pong 죠리퐁 79.Seaweed 김 80.Dried Persimmon 감말랭이 81.Soju 소주 82.Makgeoli 막걸리 83.Beer 맥주 84.Milkis 밀키스 85.Yuja Tea 유자차 86.Omijja Tea 오미지차 87.Hangover Drink 숙취해소음료 88.Rice Water 식혜 89.Ginseng  인삼쥬스 90.Aloe Vera Juice 알로에쥬스 91. Green tea 녹차 92.Bingsu 빙수 93.Hotcake 호떡94.Red bean 팥 95.Manjoo 만주 96.Rice cakes 떡 97.Fish waffle 붕어빵 98.Jeju Orange 한라봉 99.Dragon Beard Candy 꿀타래 100. Korean melon 참외