There is nothing I adore more than food, not even my dear TFB (don’t worry, he knows his place in my heart, and he’s cool with it). So a giant space filled with different mini restaurants and stalls selling every kind of food under the sun is a day spent in heaven for me. London is well known for its incredible food scene and markets, though I’d be hard pushed to be able to visit them all for you without living in London again for at least a year. However as I was home I had to check out  a few and wanted to share them with you. If you love food even half as much as I do these are must do’s when you visit London.

The Beefsteaks -Steak & Chips

Borough Market
Probably London’s most famous and biggest food market, the area has really expanded since my last visit a few years back. The main market is filled to the brim with absolutely incredible artisan produce that would be hard for most of us mere mortals to find. You name it they have it in spades, cheese, booze, fruit, veg, condiments, meat, and fish. However they also have dozens of ready to eat and drink foods, from the incredible scotch eggs and pies, to beautiful patisserie items like cakes and breads. Dotted throughout the place are stands selling all manner of hot and hip international and British foods. If you have seen it on Instagram, you are almost certain to find it here.  When we visited their were queues a mile long to get venison burgers, Jamaican BBQ, gyoza, and even Korean fried chicken!

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Borough market is located at 8 Southwark St, London SE1 1TL. To get there take a train to London Bridge Station, then follow the exit signs for Borough Market. The Market runs from 10am -5pm each day, but has many more stalls at the weekend. For more information including a list of vendors visit their website.

Maltby Street
This food Market was completely new to me, but was recommended by my very fabulous friend Gizzie Erskine. Located under the railway arches about 10 minutes away from London Bridge is the uber cool Maltby street, which although small is lined with stalls and shops selling their wares. I felt although this market was small, it was just overflowing with good food. One of our favourite food stalls was Beef Steaks, which specialised in serving quality steaks at a low price, our steak and chips with chimichurri sauce was a mere £10. Some of the stands are more established and have built proper stores under the arches themselves, like our favourite Little Gin. A small batch locally made gin bar that specialises in cocktails, most of which were £5-£6 and absolutely delicious. There was outdoor seating and we were able to enjoy the buzz of the market around us. I felt this market to be very me, cool without being so trendy I felt out of place, yet not mainstream like Borough which was packed to the rafters on a sunny Saturday morning.

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Maltby Street market is located at 41 Maltby St, London SE1 3PA, UK. To get there take a train to London Bridge Station and follow the map below from there.  The Market is only open from 9am-4pm on Saturdays, and 11am-4pm on Sundays. For more information including a list of vendors, please visit their website.

Many many years ago, back in my uni days, I was an East London resident, and often frequented the then trending area of Shoreditch. It was still in its early days back then and I couldn’t believe the changes it has undergone since I lived there many moons ago. The whole area was absolutely teaming with trendy folks enjoying themselves on a Saturday night.  Despite wearing my hipster hat and glasses and a very cool vintage blazer I still felt way too mainstream for this fashionista crowd.  But no matter, I wasn’t there to impress, I was there to eat, and hang out with my celebrity friends. Food wise Dinerama had a lot to offer. We tried some vegan tacos from Club Mexicana, which I didn’t think were half as good as the ones at Plant in Seoul, although their deep fried cheese was pretty epic. We also got a giant platter of barbecued smoked meat from Hot Box, and the incredible Lew Burger from Burger & Beyond which was topped with smoked cheese, pancetta, and smothered in bone marrow mayonnaise. It was sinfully addictive. I was also way into the Frose (frozen rose) that almost of all the bars seemed to be selling. The whole place is packed with bars in fact, each one having a different vibe from the 70s disco vodka bar to the German sex dungeon. If you like places that are too cool for school then it is the perfect place to eat, drink, and be merry at the weekend.

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Dinerama is located at 19 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EJ. To get there take a train to Old Street Station and follow the map below from there. Dinerama is open From Thursday – Sunday from 12pm – late. For more information including a list of vendors please visit their website.