Despite my plans to do ‘Sober October”, it feels like I have been out drinking a hell of a lot lately, but there are just so many places to go to. I’ve been hearing good things about Lord which is attached to the very popular Fountain for months now. I love a good cocktail especially when it comes with a discount price tag, but despite walking past the bar dozens of times and seeing their special offer board I never actually ventured in until last week.

Lord looks pretty fancy from the outside with its velvet rope and all, but it is even fancier on the inside. The 1920s style bar is gilded with gold and filled with sumptuous banquets and a vintage piano. It was fairly busy when we arrived on a Wednesday night and we were given a seat at the bar. As soon as we sat down we were given a complimentary glass of Perrier Jouet while we looked over the menu. A feature which I wish all bars had. I didn’t take much time to decided as I knew it was Mojito day! Every Wednesday the bar offers a mojito cocktail for only 5,000 won. Under usual circumstances I would be very suspicious of any bar serving up a 5,000 won mojito. I am very fussy when it comes to drinks, however these were absolutely splendid as you can see. The mojito was expertly made and a very good size, though it didn’t take me long to finish it and order another. An absolute steal! ,

My companion was in the mood for a French Connection (15,000) Which is a mix of Brandy, Ameretto and Grand Marnier. It was adorned with one of their homemade maraschino cherries, was the perfect cocktail to sip throughout the night. If the free champagne & cheap mojitos weren’t  enough, the bar also passes out free canapes. Sadly the ones we tried consisted of crudites and cheap mayonnaise, and Costco cheese with an olive on top but we appreciated the effort none the less.

Lord has 5,000  specials happening all throughout the week. Sundays they have Flatbreads, Mondays – Margaritas, Tuesdays – 5,000 12yr scotch, Wednesdays – Mojitos, Thursdays – Hendricks and Tonic. The 5,000 specials, coupled with the exquisite bar and free champs on arrival are totally making Lord my favourite bar in town right now, and you’ll be hard pushed to find a better deal on a week night if you are looking to go somewhere for a couple of drinks.

Lord is located at 116-7, Itaewondong, Yongsangu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. Take the first left and walk to the end of the street, then turn left again. It’s on your right. For more information you can call them on 010-9696-7951 or check out their facebook page. Lord is open everyday day from 6pm -5am.