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As you may know I have been trying to be a little more health conscious lately, although that didn’t seem to stop me stuffing my face with pizza and cheeseburgers while guzzling Moscow Mules like they were going out of fashion last weekend. To balance my somewhat dubious diet I try to eat as cleanly as possible from Monday to Friday. So when Sprout, a vegan and completely additive free homemade meal service offered to provide me with a weeks worth of free meals I was only too happy to oblige them in their offer.

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Sponsored Post – High Street Market – Roast Dinners

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Now that Halloween is behind us, it’s time for us to focus upon the more important fall/winter holidays. The times of year when it’s important to spend time with your loved ones and stuff your face until your clothes are bulging at the seams. Back home Thanksgiving and Christmas mean turkey, however in Korea turkey meat just isn’t all that popular and coupled with this years shortage a good turkey will be very hard to find indeed. (more…)

Vertex Chicken


When I heard that a new chicken teriyaki place had opened up in Haebangchon I put it on my list of places to try. However when I heard they were giving away their food for free it jumped straight to the head of the queue, and I ran there as quickly as my chubby little legs would carry me. (more…)

Bird Riders


Considering how often I cook and eat out, I also manage to make my way through an awful lot of take out food too. Nothing makes me happier than lounging upon my sofa watching The Real Housewives and knowing that a delicious treat is winging it’s way to me without having to lift a finger. After many years together I have TFB pretty well trained and he diligently collects my take out treats for me when I’m feeling lazy, hungover, or both. But sometimes TFB is feeling lazy too and neither of us can muster the strength to feed ourselves, which is where a delivery service comes in handy. (more…)

Y-Not Takeout


Ok Fat Girl fans, I am about to rock your world right now so hold on to your hats. A mere two weeks ago the greatest company ever was launched in Korea. The name of that company is Y-Not takeout. These amazingly smart people have done what no one ever thought possible, delivery western food in Korea. The service is just starting out in Seoul but they plan to make it nationwide overtime. They are currently operating in the following central Seoul areas; Itaewon, Haebangchon, Kyungnidan, Hanam-dong, Yongsan Army Base and Banpo-dong.


A few months ago I was thrilled at the prospect of getting Indian food delivered to me through Chakra. But now I can get Mexican, Russian, Thai, American, African and even KFC! A bucket of the Colonel’s chicken delivered right to my bed. I’m salivating at the thought. No longer will I have to pester the Fat Boyfriend into going to Itaewon for food on hangover Sunday. I can get it delivered right to the door and the best thing is it’s all in English. No more Konglish and call backs to Pizza hut for me.

We tested the service out a few nights ago and decided to opt for some Mexican from Taco Amigo. This was actually the very first restaurant that I ate at in Itaewon nearly 6 years ago. So it’s about time that I got round to eating there again. I had forgotten how good it is. The Mexican cuisine here is actually very authentic while still offering the dishes you know and love. Even the corn tortillas taste homemade.



We placed our delivery order and  less than 45 minutes later it arrived with the kind and friendly delivery driver. You can pay with cash or card which makes it even simpler. As you can see above we ordered a chimichanga (13,000), Enchiladas Suizas (14,000), and Steak Taco set (10,000)which came with chips, rice, and beans. All this for only 41,000 and I didn’t even have to leave the sofa. I’m living the dream.


To check out the ever list of restaurants check their website. The site will tell you which ones are open and which are closed.  You can also order from more than one restaurant at a time. So if your fights revolve around Thai verses pizza as ours often do, peace will be resumed as you can have both, you just have to pay two delivery fees. You can even order on Kakao Talk. This service is so simple to use you will be able to navigate even through the hangover induced fog. Not convinced? Well too bad I’ve got a bucket of chicken to order.

Salad Style


Last week I found out about a new gourmet salad company. I love a nice salad and back in London I would always buy them from my favourite place for lunch. So the fact that this one delivers is amazing!!! It can be so hard to find a healthy and tasty lunch. I make my own each morning  but I know that’s not possible for everyone and even I deserve a treat and a lie in sometimes. Even if you do have shops near your job it can be difficult to find the time to nip out and get something. This way you can order on the phone and have it delivered whenever is convenient.

When the salad arrives they come in a sleek black box all wrapped up with a bow. It’s just like getting a gift! It also comes with a bottle of separate dressing. The bottle is large, at least 100ml, which I love. Too many times there is not enough dressing to go around and no one wants to eat plain lettuce. I even had enough left to use on my own salad the next day. It also comes with a knife and fork ready to eat it.


I ordered the American Cajun salad (9,000). This one had cajun chicken, which had a nice tasty coating on the outside without being too over powering. The salad itself was a nice combination of lettuce, hard boiled quail egg, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and cheese. It came with the pine french dressing.


I also tried an Italian Caesar (9,000). A decent caesar salad can be hard to find in Seoul but this one didn’t disappoint at all. Plenty of lettuce, freshly shaved parmesan, and breaded pieces of chicken. The accompanying sauce was also delicious and again there was plenty of it. No one likes a dry caesar.


I also had to try the luxurious Australian Wakyu (24,000). In this elite salad was the lovely rare wakyu slices of beef, avocado, blue cheese, tomatoes, quail eggs, onion, and lettuce. It also came with the pine french dressing. This salad was also great but I think I preferred the first two. Plus it’s a little expensive for me, although would be a nice treat for high flying executives.


Obviously some of the salads may seem expensive but they are restaurant quality and they can be delivered. Plus I know that not all of my readers are teachers and some of my most fervent fans are among Seoul’s High Flyers. For more information including their locations and menu check out their website.