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WinK Kitchen & Taphouse

A few weeks ago I was invited back to WinK  to come and try their new menu. It had been some time since my last visit so I was curious to see what was new.  The Gyodae pub has been open for over a year and a half now and they have recently hired a new chef who has revamped their menu. While they are still serving their popular classic dishes, he has also added his own personal flair and flavour to the menu.


One of the new dishes is the Spicy Pork Belly Sandwich (9,500). I love a slab of juicy pork between my lips so really couldn’t resist giving this a try. Housed in a long soft roll was a a melt in the mouth piece of pork belly that was soft as butter. This is very important when putting it in a sandwich as you don’t want to get through the bread and have trouble biting through the meat. The Thai glaze smothering the meat is advertised as spicy and it certainly hits that note. Inside the sandwich were pickled radish and carrots, cucumber, and cilantro which provided a sour and refreshing crunch to cut through the spice. If the sauce was slightly less spicy this would be a an absolute knock out for me.


Since it first opened, WinK has always been popular for its burger selection.  All the burgers are on the hearty side and very filling and I ordered the biggest of the bunch The Mega Burger (14,000), which kind of made me feel like I was at the Peach Pitt in Beverly Hills 90210. This burger has everything but the kitchen sink on it but it really works. Housed inside the buttered bun is a 150g whole beef patty, pulled pork, several kinds of cheese, egg, avocado, lettuce onions, tomato, and mayo. Burger purists may not agree but I loved the combination of flavours, and any bite that included that oozy egg yolk was a winner for me.


Also on the menu are plenty of topped fries, and our favourite was the Loaded Fries (8,900). Although nothing groundbreaking in culinary terms, the fries topped with cheese, bacon and sour cream were quite hard to resist, and we didn’t leave many on the plate.


As with any good pub, the drinks remain cheap and cheerful. They have a variety of Platinum ales on tap and plenty of mixed cocktails all ranging from 5,000 – 9,000 won. The lemon drop was probably my favourite whereas my companions enjoyed the mocha stout. If you live south of the river and are looking for a good time, it is certainly worth stopping by.


WinK is located at 2F, 1576-6, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Seoul National University of Education (lines 2 & 3). Come out of exit 14 and walk straight, WinK is about 100 meters down the street on the second floor. For more information you can call them on 02-6053-3429 or check out their facebook page.


Kahlo & Diego


We all know I’m a big old lush, especially once the summer kicks in. I don’t think there has been a day this week where I haven’t enjoyed a refreshing alcoholic beverage on my terrace at cocktail hour. But as much as I enjoy drinking at home, it is also fun to go out now and again. Last week I met with my bar tender and very good friend Ray Sway Oh, star of the Yancha Life. It being a Friday night and all he suggested going for a drink after dinner, and I knew just the place. (more…)

The Hand & Apple

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If you are a craft beer lover in Korea, then you are more than likely familiar with Hand & Malt. However it is not just beer that the company is making, they have just expanded their operation and are now making Korea’s first ciders! Being a west country girl, I grew up on the stuff, and when I first moved to Korea 8 years ago I was very disappointed to find that it had barely even been heard of. Luckily for me, over the years the big brands finally paid notice and the city is now awash with all sorts of bottled and canned varieties. (more…)

Featured Event – Gorilla Brewing Launch Event


Now everyone knows I like a cocktail in my mouth, but once in a while I like to enjoy a refreshing beer, especially once the weather really starts to heat up. Conveniently enough, Gorilla Brewing Company have just opened Korea’s latest Expat craft brewery in Busan. Now if you are anything like me and think that is an awfully long way to travel for a beer, then you are in luck, because Gorilla will be launching their beers in Seoul at The Wolfhound this Saturday. (more…)

Seoul Shake Off


Last night I popped down the hill and went to the Seoul Shake Off held at Club House in Gyeongridan. Hosted by one of my favourite restaurants The Beastro, Snapple, and Alcohol company Pernod Ricard. The two day event features 6 of Seoul’s best cocktail bars competing against each other. Tickets are 50,000 on the door and will get you 1 Beastro welcome cocktail and the 3 signature cocktails of the participating bars. (more…)



Itaewon has no shortage of bars, however as far as I’m aware The Fountain is the neighbourhood’s first video game bar or barcade. Located in the old Gecko’s Garden spot, the huge three story bar is filled with all manner of game rooms and has a giant fountain in the middle. It kind of  reminded me of Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. (more…)

Jameson’s Giveaway


Late last year Jameson’s started selling small bottles of their whiskey in the GS mart. If you are fan of convenience store drinking, which lets face it we all are, having a decent range of spirits and mixers is of the utmost importance. Now that the sun is shining I think we are all going to be spending a lot more time outside, and drinking cocktails just makes life so much more enjoyable. Cocktail making is a hobby of mine but I know when you are sat outside of your local mart you may not have the bar of ingredients you have back home so I’ve devised four simple cocktails you can make with what’s in the store.


Irish Palmer 
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
200mls of Fuze Tea – Peach
100 mls of Sunkist Lemonade
1 ice cup
Directions : Add all the ingredients in order of recipe to the ice cup and stir with your straw.


Limerick Lemonade
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
150mls of Sunkist Lemonade
150mls of Chilsung Cider
1 ice cup
Directions : Add all the ingredients in order of recipe to the ice cup and stir with your straw.


Irish Coffee 
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
200ml Starbucks Double Shot
1 ice cup
Directions: Add the whiskey to the ice cup, then the coffee and give it a good stir.


Celtic Chaos
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
250mls of Hot Six Energy Drink
1 ice cup
Directions: Add the whiskey to the ice cup, then the hot six and give it a good stir.


To celebrate St. Patrick’s day tomorrow on Thursday the 17th of March Jameson have given me 5 bottles of the stuff to give away to my lucky readers. 2 big bottles and three of the medium ones. To win all you have to do is share this article on social media telling everyone which cocktail you intend to make. Use the hashtag #fatgirljameson to make sure I see your post, and comment at the bottom of this article to ensure you are entered in the draw. I will be picking the lucky winners this Friday, to make sure their weekend goes off with a bang!

Sponsored Post – Snapple


A few months ago I had my first taste of Snapple at Gino’s NY Pizza. For those not in the know Snapple is a New York based soft drink, and quite recently it became available in Korea. To promote this tasty soft drink, Snapple sent me a whole case of the stuff hoping I could make some delicious cocktails for them. Being somewhat of an expert when it comes to making beverages of the alcoholic variety I quite quickly took up their offer. There are eight different flavours of Snapple available in Korea, but I chose my four favourites and turned each of them into a lovely libation. Each one is unique in its own way and complements the naturally sweetened drink. You can of course opt out of the alcohol and drink it the way it was intended, but where is the fun in that? (more…)

Cocktail – English Country Garden

Ever since we moved house and made ourselves a bar cart, cocktail making has become a very serious business. In fact I even bought a full on cocktail shaker set online so I have all the tools to make my favourite drinks. My latest favourite without a doubt is the English Country Garden. The delicious mix of freshly juiced apples  mixed with gin and elderflower cordial, fresh lemon juice and shaken with ice and mint is absolutely divine. If you don’t have a juicer to juice your own apples then buy the best apple juice you can. The elderflower cordial  I used came from the fabulous people over at Tiwiroo, they have a huge range of Bakers natural cordials and mixers which can be ordered online and delivered anywhere in Korea. (more…)