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Seoul Shake Off


Last night I popped down the hill and went to the Seoul Shake Off held at Club House in Gyeongridan. Hosted by one of my favourite restaurants The Beastro, Snapple, and Alcohol company Pernod Ricard. The two day event features 6 of Seoul’s best cocktail bars competing against each other. Tickets are 50,000 on the door and will get you 1 Beastro welcome cocktail and the 3 signature cocktails of the participating bars. (more…)



Itaewon has no shortage of bars, however as far as I’m aware The Fountain is the neighbourhood’s first video game bar or barcade. Located in the old Gecko’s Garden spot, the huge three story bar is filled with all manner of game rooms and has a giant fountain in the middle. It kind of  reminded me of Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. (more…)

Jameson’s Giveaway


Late last year Jameson’s started selling small bottles of their whiskey in the GS mart. If you are fan of convenience store drinking, which lets face it we all are, having a decent range of spirits and mixers is of the utmost importance. Now that the sun is shining I think we are all going to be spending a lot more time outside, and drinking cocktails just makes life so much more enjoyable. Cocktail making is a hobby of mine but I know when you are sat outside of your local mart you may not have the bar of ingredients you have back home so I’ve devised four simple cocktails you can make with what’s in the store.


Irish Palmer 
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
200mls of Fuze Tea – Peach
100 mls of Sunkist Lemonade
1 ice cup
Directions : Add all the ingredients in order of recipe to the ice cup and stir with your straw.


Limerick Lemonade
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
150mls of Sunkist Lemonade
150mls of Chilsung Cider
1 ice cup
Directions : Add all the ingredients in order of recipe to the ice cup and stir with your straw.


Irish Coffee 
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
200ml Starbucks Double Shot
1 ice cup
Directions: Add the whiskey to the ice cup, then the coffee and give it a good stir.


Celtic Chaos
50mls of Jameson Whiskey
250mls of Hot Six Energy Drink
1 ice cup
Directions: Add the whiskey to the ice cup, then the hot six and give it a good stir.


To celebrate St. Patrick’s day tomorrow on Thursday the 17th of March Jameson have given me 5 bottles of the stuff to give away to my lucky readers. 2 big bottles and three of the medium ones. To win all you have to do is share this article on social media telling everyone which cocktail you intend to make. Use the hashtag #fatgirljameson to make sure I see your post, and comment at the bottom of this article to ensure you are entered in the draw. I will be picking the lucky winners this Friday, to make sure their weekend goes off with a bang!

Sponsored Post – Snapple


A few months ago I had my first taste of Snapple at Gino’s NY Pizza. For those not in the know Snapple is a New York based soft drink, and quite recently it became available in Korea. To promote this tasty soft drink, Snapple sent me a whole case of the stuff hoping I could make some delicious cocktails for them. Being somewhat of an expert when it comes to making beverages of the alcoholic variety I quite quickly took up their offer. There are eight different flavours of Snapple available in Korea, but I chose my four favourites and turned each of them into a lovely libation. Each one is unique in its own way and complements the naturally sweetened drink. You can of course opt out of the alcohol and drink it the way it was intended, but where is the fun in that? (more…)

Cocktail – English Country Garden

Ever since we moved house and made ourselves a bar cart, cocktail making has become a very serious business. In fact I even bought a full on cocktail shaker set online so I have all the tools to make my favourite drinks. My latest favourite without a doubt is the English Country Garden. The delicious mix of freshly juiced apples  mixed with gin and elderflower cordial, fresh lemon juice and shaken with ice and mint is absolutely divine. If you don’t have a juicer to juice your own apples then buy the best apple juice you can. The elderflower cordial  I used came from the fabulous people over at Tiwiroo, they have a huge range of Bakers natural cordials and mixers which can be ordered online and delivered anywhere in Korea. (more…)

12 Stairs


In my life, good cocktails are everything. And I do an awful lot of research trying to find the best bars in the city. I’m incredibly dedicated to my drinking problem and only the finest libations will do. While so many bars have the finest ingredients they don’t always know how to prepare them, making a spectacular cocktail is a truly skilled art, and when I sipped my first drink at 12 stairs I knew I had found somewhere very special indeed. (more…)

Soju Cocktails


Ever since my last post about the new citron(유자) soju, sales have gone through the roof. Korea’s favourite liquor was crying out for a revamp and with the added flavour and lowered alcohol content it’s no surprise that it has become insatiably popular. With bottles of the original Citron Soju flying off the shelves almost as quickly as honey butter chips, the other soju competitors wasted no time at all in bringing out their own flavours. Honestly I’ve always been amazed at how little time it takes for Korean companies to copy one another’s ideas. So out came the novelly named red, blue, and yellow flavours. Yes color is a delicious taste. There is now even a pink and scarlet flavour but I could only get my mitts on the blue and the red. With it being Liberation Day and all I figured I’d make a couple of drinks to celebrate the fact my better half has the day off. As an unemployed self-employed writer I always have the day off, and unemployment & writing have always been synonymous with alcoholism so really it was a win win. I kept these pretty simply with mixers I found in the convenience store. If you are just drinking these outside the mart on the street, you can also buy ice cups too. I added the lime wedges, mint, and blueberries as garnishes at home but you can easily make them without, though you’d be surprised at what convenience stores sell these days so add a fruit garnish if you can. (more…)