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12 Stairs


In my life, good cocktails are everything. And I do an awful lot of research trying to find the best bars in the city. I’m incredibly dedicated to my drinking problem and only the finest libations will do. While so many bars have the finest ingredients they don’t always know how to prepare them, making a spectacular cocktail is a truly skilled art, and when I sipped my first drink at 12 stairs I knew I had found somewhere very special indeed. (more…)

Soju Cocktails


Ever since my last post about the new citron(유자) soju, sales have gone through the roof. Korea’s favourite liquor was crying out for a revamp and with the added flavour and lowered alcohol content it’s no surprise that it has become insatiably popular. With bottles of the original Citron Soju flying off the shelves almost as quickly as honey butter chips, the other soju competitors wasted no time at all in bringing out their own flavours. Honestly I’ve always been amazed at how little time it takes for Korean companies to copy one another’s ideas. So out came the novelly named red, blue, and yellow flavours. Yes color is a delicious taste. There is now even a pink and scarlet flavour but I could only get my mitts on the blue and the red. With it being Liberation Day and all I figured I’d make a couple of drinks to celebrate the fact my better half has the day off. As an unemployed self-employed writer I always have the day off, and unemployment & writing have always been synonymous with alcoholism so really it was a win win. I kept these pretty simply with mixers I found in the convenience store. If you are just drinking these outside the mart on the street, you can also buy ice cups too. I added the lime wedges, mint, and blueberries as garnishes at home but you can easily make them without, though you’d be surprised at what convenience stores sell these days so add a fruit garnish if you can. (more…)

Blackberry Gin Fizz


Cocktail hour is always a very important part of the day in the Fat Girl household. Nothing beats a delicious cocktail after a hard day’s work, especially if you can enjoy it up on your very own roof top. This cocktail came into being after I was desperate to make use of my blossoming thyme plant. Herb infused simple syrups can really take your cocktails up a notch, the thyme in this pairs perfectly with the gin and the blackberry, and since we had a bottle of fizz in the fridge we thought why not, though you could always try it with soda water if you are looking for something a bit lighter. (more…)

Brick Yard


In the summer months, the only place I want to be is on a rooftop drinking a cocktail, there or in an air conditioned room preferably lying down. Last year I had an ample supply of rooftops to sit upon but this year all my favourites seemed to have been renovated or closed down! So I was desperately in need of another place  to sit and enjoy the seasonable weather. (more…)

Citron Soju

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Soju is without a doubt the most popular spirit here in Korea, in fact it’s actually the most consumed spirit in the world, even beating out whisky and vodka. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan. Sure it’s cheap as chips and flavourless, but I always tend to get pretty bad hangovers from it. It’s also generally drunk by itself instead of in cocktails which are my preferred method of consuming alcohol. (more…)

Magnum the Bottle Shop


If you have ever read this blog on more than one occasion, it will be be strikingly apparent that I drink too much to say the least. A well made drink is just as important as having nice food in my book. At home it’s easy to find the spirits, wines, and mixers that we have all grown accustomed to having in our drinks cabinet. But here in Seoul where soju and beer are king it might be a wee bit trickier to stock your liquor cabinet with the good stuff. (more…)

Cherry Berentzen Cocktails


As we all know incredibly well, I am the queen of cocktail lovers, nothing makes me happier than having a lovely well made drink in my hand, and something delicious in the other. When the sun is shining there’s only one place to be and that’s up on my roof top enjoying a drink or three while relaxing in the sun. Being a food blogger sometimes has its perks and last week my lovely friends over at Berentzen sent me over a bottle of their new wild cherry flavour for my drinking pleasure. I made two cocktails using my cherry liquor; the first was a cherry lemonade which is all kinds of summer and drinkable all day long, and the second a cherry twist on the French 75, a champagne cocktail that’s as classy as the girl who introduced me to it! (more…)

Mix & Malt


Mix & Malt has been one of my favourite cocktail bars in Seoul since I discovered it last Summer. With its gorgeous deck outside it’s the perfect place to soak up the rays and enjoy a libation or two. As well as the gorgeous outdoor patio they also have a lovely fireplace upstairs with ample seating for when the weather turns chilly.