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On the Border – Margarita Party!



It’s party time again down at On the Border. Once again they are hosting their monthly margarita party night. I went last month and had an absolute blast. This month they are having the party at two locations, at Sinchon tonight and at Itaewon next Thursday. The Margarita party costs 35,000 per person for all the food and drink you can manage. This deal is amazing, considering we all know that On the Border isn’t the cheapest Mexican in town.


In the drinks package you get four different kinds of margarita. You get one beergarita with an 8 ball or tangerine IPA. Then you get one regular margarita rocks or frozen. Then you get one blue and one red. I love On the Border margaritas, they really are so tasty and kick ass. If you manage to chug your way through all those margs and you’re still thirsty, draft beer is unlimited. So get your party on bitch.

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As well as all those lovely drinks there is also a whole host of food going on. Knowing the price of the margaritas I really didn’t expect that much last time, other than chips, salsa, and some canapes. But when we got there, there was a giant table filled with food. They pretty much had the whole menu there. 3 kinds of tacos, beef, chicken, soft, and hard. 2 kinds of enchiladas, quesadillas, grand nachos, rice, beans, salad and all the dips and guacamole you could want. I of course indulged in about three plates as is my want. It was very impressive. Again the food was worth it alone. It’s a very good deal if you like to eat and drink as much as I do.

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Tonight the party is happening in Sinchon, and it’s not too late for you to reserve your spot, call 02-792-0682 . Next week’s party is in Itaewon on the 29th. You don’t need to pay until you get there so have no worries about collecting the cash from your friends, just call and reserve a table. And if that wasn’t enough, tell them you’re with Media Paran to get an extra 10% off. See you there Fat fans!

Cold Brewed Coffee


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love coffee. Despite not joining the coffee world until I was 25, I have now become an ardent fan and have been making up for lost time ever since. I really don’t think I could make it through the day without a cup or two. If it wouldn’t leave me financially bankrupt  I would probably drink about 3 ice vanilla lattes a day, but the 5,000 price tag generally puts me off. The other problem is that there are no coffee shops in the barren wasteland of countryside that I work in, which really seems to limit my coffee intake. That’s why I am thrilled to have come upon this method. It’s cheap and I can whip up a coffee before I leave for work and take it with me.

Now I am no slouch in the kitchen and I’ve always figured it must be pretty damn easy to make my own bloody coffee, but alas I’ve never quite managed it until now. Vanilla syrup is insatiable easy to make or buy. Milk and ice are everywhere, it’s just the coffee that posed a problem. I bought a little coffee maker on Craigslist but the espresso just wasn’t quite good enough. I was waxing lyrically with my friend about the lack of a good espresso in my life when I was round his house one morning using his incredibly expensive hand pulled contraption, when he suggested cold brewing. A quick search on the tinternet and all my problems were solved. It’s so easy a monkey could make it. This cold brewed method provides the best coffee base for my latte ever. You could also drink it as an americano.


1 cup of ground coffee

4 cups of cold water

1 jar

1 coffee filter



1. Measure out your coffee beans and grind as finely as possible. If you don’t have a coffee grinder or blender attachment then buy them from your favourite coffee shop and have them grind them for you.

2. Measure out one cup of coffee grounds. Then put them in your jar and top with the four cups of cold water. If you want your coffee even stronger you can just use 3 cups but I find this works perfectly. If you are planning on drinking it straight you may want to add more water depending on your preference. Give the jar a shake then put it in the fridge for at least 8 hours or overnight.

3. Strain your coffee through a filter or use a mandu cloth bag that you can get in all supermarkets and places like Daiso. You can then keep the strained coffee in the fridge for at least 5 days. Also if you don’t throw away the coffee ground you can use them to make a revitalizing and cellulite busting scrub.

4. Use your lovely cold brewed coffee to make your favourite coffee drink and go about your day with a superior air of thrift and smugness as you pass all those people lining up for 5,000 drinks.





Bluenananut Smoothie


So you may have noticed I’ve got a bit smoothie crazy lately. Which I have. Because smoothies are delicious and healthy. I have one for breakfast almost every day. The bluenananut smoothie is insanely delicious, which is why I keep it as a bit of a treat, while still having lots of goodness in it too. Blueberries seem to be in season at the moment and I’ve been finding them everywhere. I even got one of the little boxes for a mere 2,000 the other day. The peanut butter I used was the amazing white chocolate kind from i-Herb but use the regular stuff if you have it. Or you could do a scoop of the peanut butter powder instead. I also used some of my Pure coconut water to give it a tropical taste and get some much needed electrolytes.



2 bananas

a handful of blueberries

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

200mls of coconut water

100mls of milk (optional)


1. Put all the ingredients into your blender and blend.

2. Pour smoothie over ice and drink!

Pina Colada Smoothie


If you like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain. I do indeed. Which is why when I received a box of coconut water from the fab people at Pure, one of my first thoughts was a Pina colada smoothie. I whipped this one up this morning in about 5 minutes and was instantly transported to a desert island delightfulness. Plus I had the pina colada song stuck in my head all day and that always makes me smile. If this is a weekend morning drink then feel free to throw in some rum too.



330ml of coconut water

2 bananas

2 rings of pineapple

1 tablespoon of chia seeds (i-Herb)


1. Soak the chia seeds in about 50ml of the coconut water. After about five minutes they should become gel like and a little like frog spawn. But don’t be scared, that’s their magic power. You could also just throw them into the smoothie but it wont be quite as thick.

2. Put the bananas, pineapple, chia seeds and coconut water into the blender and blend. Serve over ice. You should get 2 large smoothies out of this.


Fat Girl’s – Cocktail Pop Up!

Today I am having a drinks pop up event! I have been sharing my recipes with you for quite some time and now it’s time for me to give you the goods. The pop up is at Casablanca in Haebangchon. It has the best sandwiches in Seoul so if that’s not a reason to come then I don’t know what is. They also sell my hummus.


First I will be serving up my cucumber infused gin fresh and tasty it’s served with tonic in cute little cocktail bags for a mere 5,000 each.

cucumber gin

Also on the menu is mulled wine, it’s going to be cold out there, so this is just the boozy treat to warm you up on this cold hallows eve 5,000.

mulled wine

Lastly I will be serving that British favourite Pimms! Full of fruity flavour and served in a cocktail to go bag for just 8,000. The only place in Seoul serving Pimms tonight!


So stop by before your Halloween parties tonight, starting at 5pm, I’ll be serving drinks until we are sold out.

Casablanca is located in Hae Bang Chon at 44-8  Yongsandong 2 -ga, Seoul, Korea. Take a train to Noksapyeong station (line 6). Walk straight out of exit 2 for about 200 meters and take the first left and walk straight along the road with all the kimchi pots. Casablanca is on the left a few doors up from Phillies. You can also call them on 02-797-8367 or check out their facebook page.


Cucumber Infused Gin


OK, so it’s happened, since the opening of Flower Gin, I have become a bit of a Gin slag. I’ve had more gin in the past 2 weeks than I have had in a lifetime. When having a browse of some gin based cocktails I came across Heston Blumenthal’s cucumber infused gin. I wanted it immediately, so I rushed right out to buy all the ingredients. Heston used his own lovely Waitrose earl grey gin to make it, but sadly we can’t buy it here. I would have used a bottle of Bombay Sapphire or some lovely Hendrick’s but it’s still 5 days until pay day so I used a bottom of the barrel bottle of cheap Combo gin. After a little more research though, I found this could be a plus as the cucumber will have more of a presence due to the lack of flavour the gin has. After consuming copious amounts, I can say without  a shadow of a doubt that cheap gin is the way forward, it was bloody gorgeous and as soon as I finish this bottle I shall be making another. Happy Ginning!


1 bottle of gin

3 cucumbers


Peel your cucumbers then roughly chop them. Put them into a jug with the gin and blend them until pulverized. Cover and refrigerate for about 24 hours. When the gin has infused strain off the cucumber though a sieve.

To make the gin and tonic, fill a tall glass with ice. you may notice from my picture that my ice cubes are nice and fancy. I chopped up some pieces of lemon and cucumber and form them into the ice cubes to make them extra pretty. Top with 50ml of gin and 150ml-200ml of tonic. Serve with a wedge of lemon and enjoy. Voilà cucumber infused gin!


Flower Gin – Hendrick’s Bar


Flower Gin is an awesome new bar in my area that unsurprisingly, sells flowers and gin. Now we all know that fat girl is a lover of vodka, but I don’t mind having a gin or two once in a while. I was a thrilled about this lovely new bar because my best friend Matt (gin connoisseur and out and out  lush) is absolutely mad for Hendricks gin. It’s always been his fave so we were very excited to go and have a couple of cocktails.

Although the bar is small, there were already a few people inside. You can get your cocktails to stay or to go. The gin and tonic (6,600) comes with a slice of cucumber, just like it should .There is also a small flower in every glass, what could be more perfect?


I had the gin and ginger (6,900) , which is a little bit milder than the tonic. It was served with lemon, cucumber ,and a flower and was absolutely divine.


They even have the famed Hendricks teacups and teapots, although they are just used for display. You can even pick up a bunch of flowers while you are here. There are also two adorable patio chairs outside as a little smoking area.


Flower Gin is located in Kyungnidan at 684 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan -Gu, Seoul. To get there come out of Noksapyeong station (line 6) exit 2 and walk straight down past the entrance leading to Hae bang chon and go over the pedestrian bridge  above the road. You will see Flower Gin as you exit the left hand set of stairs on the other side.




Being a Somerset girl I am particularly fond of Cider. But when I first arrived in Korea, I was rather dismayed to find that there was rather a lack of cider on the fair peninsula. I scoured the bars and finally found that they served it at The Wolfhound in Itaewon. It was on this night almost 5 years ago that I met my fiancé. If it wasn’t for cider, we probably never would have met. So it shall always have a special place in my heart for this reason alone.

Luckily for all you lovely cider lovers out there, things have moved on quite a lot in the past five years. This month I even wrote a piece about cider for Chips maps!!!  If you haven’t heard of Chip’s maps  you should run right out now and grab yourself a copy from your neighbourhood bar in Itaewon. It’s a fun, fantastic, and free magazine which has all the latest happenings in the Itaewon area. In the article  I gave my top 5, but I like to go the extra mile for you my dear fans so here are the top 10!

1. My top place has to go to Bulmers Pear. I was always a fan of this one at home, so I was thrilled to finally find it here. For me it is the best pear cider available in Korea an always quenches my thirst. Available at Bonny’s in cans for 7,000 won.


2. Magners – Magners is finally available in draft form in various bars around Seoul. They even have their own bar at the IFC Mall in Yuiedo.  It’s by far and away the nicest cider available on draft. The cheapest price in Itaewon is at the Bull and Barrel where it costs a mere 8,000 a pint.


3. Hunters Gold – You may have discovered by now that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I prefer my cider slightly sweeter too. So I love this South African offering. It also comes in a dry variety for those who don’t  like it quite so sweet. Available at Phillies, Bonny’s, Scrooges and Braai Republic for around 6,000 a bottle.


4. Savannah Dry – I tried this for the first time, on my cider crawl and was pleasantly surprised. One of my favourite bar tenders recommended drinking it with a slice of lemon and it was such a delight. Available at Braai Republic and that amazing little bottleshop in the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel.


5. Monteith’s – In particular I am a fan of the berry one, but they also have crushed pear and apple. A nice little trio of ciders hailing from New Zealand. I was stoked to see these in my local convenience mart in HBC and at Bonny’s for around 5,000.


6. Sommersby – I wasn’t overly keen on this when I first tried it. It had a very artificial sweet apply taste. I decided to pour it over the ice that had accompanied it and found that it tasted a lot better. I wont get into the cider with ice debate, but if it makes it taste better then why the hell not. At Reilly’s and The Wolfhound for 6,500.


7. Strongbow – At home I have been known to enjoy a bow or two. No it’s nothing compared to some of the local ciders we get back in the west country but its consistently good. You can even pick these up in Homeplus for about 3,000 now so it’s always worth keeping a few in the fridge.

cider 6

8. Bulmers Original is pretty much available in bottles all over Itaewon. Costing around 9,000 a bottle, it’s still worth every penny to quench that summer thirst.

cider 3

9. Magners pear. You may have guessed by now, that I am somewhat fond of pear cider and I sure do like the Magners one. This one is at The Wolfhound for 7,000.


10. Rock Creek – I had to have this on the list, even though it isn’t all that special now that other ciders are available. It was the original and is served at various bars all over the country. It filled that cider hole in my heart for a long time and for that I am very grateful.


For all you cider lovers out there, you may also be interested to know that down at the Wolfhound they have cider Sunday, where they knock off a 1,000 won off of everyone one of their six ciders. If that’s not a reason for a few pints then I don’t know what is.

Hillside Pub and Bistro

hill 7

I discovered this little gem a couple of months ago now, but have only just got around to sharing it with you. Located at the bottom of Itaewon, Hillside Pub & Bistro has a lovely little patio rooftop which is the perfect place to drink a few too many cocktails on a sunny afternoon.

hill 4

Drinking can really take it out of you, so to keep up our stamina we decided to try some of the food too. Our first choice was the Bacon Cheese Burger (12,000), Accompanied by potato wedges and coleslaw, this certainly hit the spot.


We also ordered a Chicken Cesar Salad (13,000) in an attempt to be somewhat healthy. A bed of salad leaves with a  large juicy chicken breast, there was plenty to go around. It wasn’t an authentic Cesar salad by any means, but it was nice and well made.


Since I ordered a salad I rewarded myself with an order of onion rings (7,000). These tasted as good as they looked. Nice and crispy with a lovely tartar sauce dip on the side.


The food was all nice enough, and will hit the spot if your hungry and in the mood for pub grub. However the star attraction for me is the drinks. They have a very long list of cocktails which is more than enough to keep me happy. They have my new summer  favourite, the Lynchberg Lemonade, as well as  all the old favourites  like my beloved June Bug. There are  plenty of beers at decent prices to keep the boys happy too.


Hillside Pub & Bistro is located on the hill just overlooking the bottom of Itaewon (Macdonalds end), at 57-28 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there, take a train to  Itaewon Station (line 6) and come out of  exit 1. Walk straight for about four minutes. When you reach KEB bank on your right, you can see a road just past veering up the hill parallel to the main road’s sidewalk. Hillside Pub & Bistro is just at the top of the hill on the right. You can call them  on 070-4136-2208.

hill 5hill 6hill 2

Soju Pop Cocktail


Summer is here, and things are hotting up. We all need to cool off and also make sure we are still getting our daily soju allowance. Enter the Soju Pop Cocktail. Recommended to me by one of my good friends this was too good for me not to share, even if I can’t really take much credit for it. It’s the perfect drink to refresh you on a hot Summer’s day when you’re sat outside your local convenience store. Choose your favourite ice-lolly ( I used a strawberry and apple 스그류), grab a bottle of cider and a bottle of Soju, and you’re ready to make delightful summer drink. If you are a classy kinda drunk like me, feel free to replace the soju with your favourite flavoured vodka.


300ml of lemonade/cider/sprite (UK/ROK/USA)

100ml of Soju (or vodka)

1 ice lolly (Popsicle)


Take one large glass, a 1 pint beer glass pilfered from your local bar works perfectly. Add the soju and top up with lemonade. Unwrap your chosen ice lolly and put it into your drink, and keep stirring until the ice lolly has melted off the stick. Drink and enjoy. Repeat if necessary. Voilà the Soju Pop Cocktail. Sweet Summer salvation.

soju 3soju 1soju 2