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Breakfast Cocktail

I think most of you know I enjoy a cheeky morning drink on a weekend morning. There’s nothing like a good old breakfast cocktail to get your weekend started. I am obviously a big fan of the Bloody Mary and also the Vodoffee, my own invention. However sometimes I like something a bit fruity. We all know that its important to get our five portions of fruit and veg a day,  raging alcoholism is no excuse for bad nutrition! So I came up with this fruity delight. You may also drink it at any other time of the day.


50ml Absolut Grapevine (you may substitute with any other fruit infused vodka)

100ml pineapple juice.

frozen raspberries

frozen mango


Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until all the fruit has been pulverized. Pour into a glass and serve. Voilà the perfect way to start your morning right. Warning not recommended on weekday mornings unless you are trying to get fired.

Blood Lust

It’s the saturday before halloween and that can only mean one thing, a halloween themed cocktails. I decided I had to go for a blood colored delight. As you may or may not know I am a huge fan of any occasion where I get to dress up and make themed food and drinks. So with that in mind I present to you my blood lust cocktail, not just for vampires.


50ml Raspberry Absolute

100ml ginger ale

6 strawberries (frozen)

A teaspoon of sugar

A couple drops of red food coloring


Blend the vodka, sugar and strawberries together in the blender, add the red food coloring if you want the drink to look more blood like. Pour into tumbler and top with the ginger ale. Serve and enjoy, repeat if necessary.

Skittles Soju

There are tons of recipes out there for skittles vodka, so I decided to try skittles soju! Soju is crazy cheap here in Korea so it just makes sense to use it instead. I have to confess that my previous experience with skittles vodka was not all successful. My housemates and I threw a couple of  bags of skittles into a bottle of vodka and downed it. We went to a houseparty but ten minutes later I suddenly started to feel very sick and spent the remainder of the night throwing up outside in the bushes. I knew it was time to leave when one of my housemates was carried home over the shoulder of a random man. But don’t let my tomfoolery put you off making this delightful drink. I’m convinced our problem lay in not separating the skittles into individual colors.


5 bags of skittles

5 empty bottles

5 bottles of soju


Separate the skittles into their different colors then put each color in a different bottle.

Top with soju  and leave for 12-24 hours, shaking every now and then.

When the skittles have dissolved they will leave a white kind of scum at the top. You can remove this by pouring the soju through a coffee filter. Refrigerate and serve. Voilà a kickass rainbow themed party drink.

Lemon Infused Vodka

Saturday is upon us and to me that means cocktail time!!! In fact for us lucky ducks here in Korea its Chuseok which means a 5 day weekend. The contents of my booze cupboard is going to take a serious hit this week. So like any forward thinking alcoholic I like to plan ahead.

I love vodka, in particular flavoured vodka, I have a variety of flavors within my possession but these delicious drinks do not come cheap, especially when they are compared to Soju, which is always cheap and plentiful. So armed with a bottle of Forever Vodka (about 7,000 won) I set about making this yummy lemon vodka.


1 bottle of Vodka

1 lemon (any fruit will work though)

1 glass jar


Make sure the jar is clean and harbors no smells from the previous occupant. Slice your fruit and add to the jar. Pour in the vodka and secure the lid. Store in a cool dark place for 1 week. You may want to shake the jar once or twice a day to improve the infusion. Voila a deliciously easy homemade infusion.

Fabulous Frozen Cocktail

I like to start my Saturday right, this usually includes a delicious breakfast cocktail. Since summer is almost over, I thought it was about high time I showed you my quick and easy recipe for a fabulous frozen cocktail. I’m very particular when it comes to cocktails so this is one of the easiest ways to make a quick frozen drink with little to no effort. It also contains at least one portion of healthy fruit goodness, making it a very suitable breakfast option for health conscious alcoholics such as myself . This little trick also come in to its own when your not near a bar but need a drink fast. They are also much cheaper.


1 Smoothie/Slushie (I personally favour Smoothie King’s Strawberry lemon twist or Dunkin Donuts Orange mango Coolata)

50ml of your preferred liquor (vodka/rum/tequila all work well)


Simply go to your nearest smoothie selling outlet (all the big coffee chains sell them). Purchase one drink in your favourite flavour, I recommend ones made from juice rather than those containing milk or yoghurt. Add the alcohol and stir. Voilà a fabulous frozen cocktail.

Strawberry Basil Martini

Cocktail hour is all the rage at my folks pad these days. So to spice up the proceedings somewhat I decided to come up with a new concoction to tantalize their taste buds. My mums a big fan of Martini so I used it as the liquor of the day, but you can substitute for vodka if you wish.


50ml of Martini extra dry

250ml of lemonade

2 slices of lemon

2 strawberries

5 basil leaves


Slice the lemon and strawberries and put into a high ball glass. Add the basil leaves and ice then muddle with a spoon. Add a double shot of Martini extra dry and top with lemonade. Drink and enjoy. Repeat if necessary.


There is nothing more delicious on a hot summer day than a glass of Pimms. The ultimate british summer cocktail (almost guaranteed to feature on ever cocktail menu in the country during the summer months). It’s the quintessential english drink. It’s also an absolute favorite of mine, it’s very easy to slip down a jug or two of these babies.

Sadly for those of us living in Korea, it’s not very easy to procure. In fact I have never successfully found a bottle myself, although I still belive they are out there somewhere. I find its easier to always come prepared and pick up a bottle or two at the airport every time I venture home. We also managed to find it in Langkawi when we went to Malaysia last year. If your lucky enough to have a british friend, then beg them to bring you a bottle so you too can revel in this summer delight.


200 ml Pimms

1 liter of lemonade (7up/Sprite USA/CiderKorea)

1/2 Lemon

1/2 Lime

1 Orange

1/2 a Cucumber

5 Strawberries

A handful of raspberries or blueberries (optional)

A bunch of mint


Chop all your fruit and put into your jug. It’s up to you if you like your fruit little or large. Add the Pimms and lemonade and a few ice cubes and stir. Serve in a highball glass and enjoy. Voilà a delicious jug sized drink.


It’s cheap wine night at the Family Mart of Fridays and I was ready and waiting to take full advantage. I’m not generally a huge wine fan, as anyone who’s ever been out drinking with me can attest. I’m a vodka girl through and through (despite the misery it puts me through the following day, I am committed!). However I have always had a fondness for sangria.

I first started making this delicious treat when I was backpacking in Australia. Bad wine being cheap and plentiful you needed something to take the edge off it. I improved the recipe when I moved back home to London. With the help of my best friend we would scour the supermarket shelves looking for the cheapest red wine possible, there was always a bonus if you could find one under £3.   We would knock up huge great big batches in a giant saucepan to drink before going out.

This is also a great cocktail to make if you are having a party as its pretty cheap, easy and it gets everyone into the party mood. If you decide to double up the recipe you don’t need any extra fruit.


1 bottle of red wine

200ml orange juice

500ml of lemonade (7up USA, cider Korea)

1 orange

1 lemon

1 apple (optional)


Take a large jug, punch bowl or failing that a sauce pan or washing up bowl. Pour in the wine, orange juice and lemonade. Cut your fruit into small pieces then stir into the wine mixture. Leave for 10 minutes to let the flavours develop. Voilà a delicious and easy cocktail.



There’s nothing better on Saturday or Sunday morning than a delicious Vodoffee. This is probably my favourite breakfast cocktail, it even pips a Bloody Mary to the post. Probably because a good Bloody Mary is hard to find here in Korea. However with a coffee shop on ever corner your never short of a frappuccino.

This baby is the easiest cocktail ever to make. Personally I like a mocha, vanilla or hazelnut one but the choice is yours, let your imagination run wild. You can buy the frappuccino from anywhere, personally I favour Coffee Bean above all others though I usually end up at Twosome Place as its the closest.


1 frappuccino

50ml (double shot) Vodka (I particularly like absolute vanilla.)


Go to your nearest coffee shop and purchase one frappuccino (or send your kind and loving boyfriend if you have one). Add the vodka and stir. Voilà a delicious and tasty breakfast drink