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Boneless Wings


Ever since I tried my first boneless wing I just haven’t been able to get enough of the little suckers despite the fact that the process of removing the bones must be an absolute nightmare. I swiftly found out that boneless wings were not in fact wing meat at all but usually breast chopped in such a way to imitate the glorious wing like shape. But lefts face it, bone in or out no one can deny that wings are insanely delicious. Since my love affair of boneless wings began, I have discovered that the real secret  to amazing wings is to use thigh meat with the skin on instead of breast.  This much better replicates the wing type flavour as well as providing lots of lovely skin which gets fabulously crispy. You can coat your wings in almost any sauce, but I paired mine with a spicy orange sauce and my homemade ranch dip on the side because wings aren’t wings without a dipping sauce. (more…)

Choffee Cake


Today Fat Girl turned three years old. I can’t believe that when I first started this blog that I would still be going this strong three years later. Who knew I had such a wealth of information trapped in brain? In the past year some amazing things have happened for Fat Girl. I’ve finally got a logo after two years trying, been on the radio, been featured in lots of magazines and newspapers and even been on TV. I would never have dreamed of these things happening so I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen in the future. I want to thank all of my wonderful friends and family and people who have helped me over the past year and for putting up with me taking pictures of all their food and to all the lovely restaurateurs who have invited me to their places to try their wares. (more…)

Berry Lemon Pavlova


Fat Girl has returned to the mother land, and the first thing my mother asked me to make was  a pavlova. Despite her excellent skills in the kitchen my mummy still has trouble executing this dessert as well as I do, so it’s always one of the recipes she asks me to whip up upon my return. Today’s pavlova was filled with fresh cream, lemon curd and lots of lovely raspberries and strawberries because they are all sweet and in season here. The lemon curd also adds the perfect zing, it’s the ideal dessert for summer. (more…)

Homemade Pickles


Until recently the joy of a good pickled cucumber eluded me. I just never quite understood their allure until I went to New York and had the cream of the crop pickle wise at the famed Katz Deli, and I’ve not looked back since. In England we pickle our our onions and our eggs, but cucumbers not much. While in Korea a side of pickles come with just about every food imaginable, but the complaints generally sway towards being way too sweet or way to spicy. Like a man, a good pickle can be hard to find. So since it’s cucumber season and all I thought I’d throw my hand at making some up myself and if I do say so myself I reckon I did pretty darn good for a first try. I ordered my pickling spices from iHerb, they have a decent selection so I’d advise ordering from there they also come in 1 pound bags so you may wish to share with your friends. After that it was easy as pie, I boiled my brine, cut my cucumbers, popped them in the fridge then went off to Busan. 48 hours later I returned to some darn tangy tasty pickles. I was heavy handed with my spices but I think that worked for the best, though in an ideal world my fresh dill plant would have been a bit more hearty so I wouldn’t have had to supplement it with the dry stuff.  I shall definitely be doing some experimenting with different vegetables, herbs and spices in the near future, I knew I hoarded all those jars for a reason! (more…)

Citron Soju

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Soju is without a doubt the most popular spirit here in Korea, in fact it’s actually the most consumed spirit in the world, even beating out whisky and vodka. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan. Sure it’s cheap as chips and flavourless, but I always tend to get pretty bad hangovers from it. It’s also generally drunk by itself instead of in cocktails which are my preferred method of consuming alcohol. (more…)

Cucumber & Ricotta Salad


For the past few months I’ve been getting a bit pudgy round the middle, clearly having a job which involves me working in close vicinity of my fridge is not paying off. Now this wouldn’t usually bother me except none of my clothes fit and summer is fast approaching meaning my wobbly thighs will be on full display. I’ve decided to try and get back on track by eating raw till 4 again and doing a bit of exercise.  If that doesn’t pan out I’ll just buy new clothes, but I figure it’s worth a try at least. (more…)

Lemon Crepe Cake


After the success of my first crepe cake a few months ago, I thought it was about high time I made another. My birthday was last week, and with a joint birthday party on the cards I thought the time for another cake had come. So I dusted off my crepe pan and set to work. (more…)

Bacon Nachos


Last weekend, I made the best nachos in the whole damn world! Now, I’ve eaten a hell of a lot of nachos in my time but these are hands down the absolute best ones I have ever had. They were so great that we devoured the pan in minutes and quickly set to making a second batch. They start off with a layer of hand fried tortilla chips, then they are topped with my delicious homemade salsa, next I poured on my beautiful queso sauce, then sprinkled them with crispy bacon, more cheese and chunks of avocado. After they were baked in the oven I then topped them off with more guacamole and sour cream. Pure foodgasms all around, they will definitely be one to go into my foodie hall of fame, and I shall pull them out at any time I need to convince someone to do something they don’t want to do (Mwa ha ha ha). (more…)

Texas White Wings


May is here and with it comes a month full of glorious sunshine filled days, which in my mind can only mean one thing, lots and lots of of barbecues. I’ve already been to 3 this year and I hope I have a great many more in my immediate future. At the last barbecue I visited I was introduced to one of the greatest taste sensations I’ve ever had, the Texas White Wing. What better combination is there than jalapeno, cheese, chicken, and bacon? Cooked on the barbecue they are an explosion of delicousness. It was a party in my mouth and everyone was invited, pure unadulterated mouth-gasms, I still can’t stop thinking about them. So thank you to my dear friend John for bestowing me with the greatest BBQ gift one can ever receive. I made a batch myself at the weekend and they went down a storm. One note, be sure to use mozzarella, I tried Monterey Jack as I couldn’t find hard mozzarella and most of  it was lost due to melting. Also be sure to cook them on a very low heat indirect heat, for some time with the cover on, as the chicken is in the middle and you really want to make sure it’s cooked. (more…)

Queso Bacon Penne


For the past few days I’ve been suffering from the worse hangover known to man. It’s been two days of non stop vomit covered misery, and it’s frequently cause me to utter those immortal words “I’m never drinking again.” To make things much much much worse I had an incredibly early start on Monday and a jam packed day of work that I could not get out of. How I made it through I’ll never ever know, perhaps it was the thought of making this cheese and bacon covered, carb stuffed goodness. I decided to increase the calorific intake significantly by serving the pasta in a hollowed out loaf of bread, just because I deserved it for having such a wonderful work ethic and not abandoning my post despite how rotten I was feeling. Sometimes nothing but cheese and bacon will do. (more…)