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Nalari – 나라리


If you’ve been paying attention to Seoul’s foodie scene you would have noticed that churros are yesterday news and the whole nation has been going crazy for croquettes. The Korean croquettes are more or less a savoury doughnut which is then filled and rolled in panko crumbs. The interest in these babies has skyrocketed of late, just check out this queue at Busan Station! (more…)

Villa Guerrero

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Tacos tacos everywhere, it seems you can’t swing a dead cat without bumping into a taco stand here in Seoul. Despite last years taco trend reaching its peak, it seems that the taco stores just keep on coming to tantalize our taste buds. Earlier this year we saw the opening of Little Baja, and now Villa Guerrero has opened it’s doors in Samseong-dong. I had already planned a visit when the owner got in contact with me and invited me to have a couple of tacos and a beer on the house. (more…)

Chungaekga Dumpling

Xiaolongbao and Chinese dumplings have been a favourite of mine since as long as I can remember, biting into those pockets of sweet meaty goodness are always considered a treat despite the low price. When travelling to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan I always make a point of seeking out the cities’ best offering, often spending hours walking around the city trying to find little hidden alleyways. It always seems to take me hours to find these places as I’m not particularly adept at using google maps for some reason.

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Brötchen 1552


A good bakery is hard to find in this city. Things have certainly improved since I first arrived on these shores almost seven years ago, but there is still far too much faux cream and red bean for my liking.  Living here so long, I’ve come to appreciate Korean baked goods for what they are but I still miss the goodies we are so used to finding in the European bakeries back home. So when I was invited to Brötchen 1552 in Seocho, it was nothing short of a miracle. (more…)

The Beastro

Every since it first opened around a year ago, The Beastro has been one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Seoul. Their mix of new american cuisine and fabulous cocktails has me coming back again and again, which is why I chose it as the spot to host my birthday dinner. And then why I went back again a few days later for lunch. If you want to read more about the brunch menu then please see my previous post.

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Boiling Crab & Shrimp


Last week I was invited to go and check out Boiling Crab by one of my very best friends. Having never had seafood in a bag before, I thought it would be churlish of me to reject his offer. I’ve always heard great things about this place, so I figured it was about time I gave it a try. (more…)

Left Coast – Brunch


Last weekend I very sadly said goodbye to my best friend Mat. It was his last weekend in Seoul, so to commemorate the occasion we went for one last Sunday brunch.  We have both been regulars at Left Coast since it first opened, and since they just started offering brunch it seemed like the ideal location for the last supper.The brunch menu has a collection of popular American brunch dishes as well as a handful of their starters and burgers, and is offered on weekends between 11:30 and 3pm. (more…)

Taverna De Portugal


I’ve been hearing great things about Taverna de Portugal,for several months now, and had been desperate to give a try. Finally last week I got to check it out when my best friend Mat offered to take me for my birthday treat. The Portuguese family restaurant is located in the back alleyways of Sangsu. As we walked through the neighbourhood on a Friday night it seemed as though every other restaurant we passed had a monumental queue outside of it, but when we reached Taverna there were only a few tables occupied inside. However, clearly it was a late starter as by the time we had finished our meal it was packed. (more…)

Il Gelato


Il Gelato is a brand spanking new gelato shop located in Sinsa. The store is owned by Italian Michele Cavallaro and his Korean partner Jihyun Baik. They met while training at Gelato University in Italy and set about bringing real gelato to Seoul. While Seoul is riddled with ice cream shops, this one is the closest you will get to the traditional gelato you will find in Italy. The store has only been open a few short weeks, but it’s already proving to be a big hit with the locals. I sadly couldn’t make it to their grand opening, but finally got around to taking them up on their invitation yesterday. (more…)

Witch’s Table

Last week was my lovely friend Laura’s birthday, and to celebrate the fact that neither she, nor I for that matter, is getting any younger, we went out for a birthday lunch. The spot she chose was Witch’s Table in Gwanghwamun. It’s not a place I know well so was keen to see how it fared.

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