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1981 is yet another new restaurant to hit the Itaewon scene. They just had their grand opening a few weeks ago, and knowing that it was owned by the lovely folks who brought us Left Coast, I couldn’t wait to give it a try, so I rounded up my posse and went to check it out.

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Vertex Chicken


When I heard that a new chicken teriyaki place had opened up in Haebangchon I put it on my list of places to try. However when I heard they were giving away their food for free it jumped straight to the head of the queue, and I ran there as quickly as my chubby little legs would carry me. (more…)

Bloc Party


Last week one of my bestest best friends asked me if I knew a great first date restaurant. Somewhere with nice food and ambiance, but that wasn’t too expensive or noisy. And to be honest I drew a bit of a blank, there are tonnes of fab restaurants in Itaewon but not too many that fall in the middle. There are some awesome holes in walls with insatiably tasty, cheap food, fancy finer dining affairs or cool hip haunts that are all about being seen, but nowhere that is suitable for a first date without being too pricey (no one wants to blow their wad on a tinder date). So when I was invited to come and check out Bloc Party I knew I’d finally found what he was looking for. (more…)

Jil’Hal Bros

One of the standouts on my trip to New York this year had to be the chicken and rice from the Halal guys street cart. Nothing fancy but those delicious giant foil containers filled with chicken, rice, salad and pita bread rocked my world and they were only a mere $7 dollars, I just couldn’t get enough. Anyhow I put the deliciousness that was chicken and rice behind me after making my own a couple of times and realizing that I would never quite strike the right balance of flavours. When one day out of the blue one of my most diligent and well sourcing foodie friends discovered Jil’Hal in Cheongdam and once again all was right with the world.

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Cote Jardin



Brunch is by far and away my favourite meal of the week. A time to catch up with friends over eggs and a few cocktails, it’s the most important event in my weekend calendar. While Itaewon may be jam packed with restaurants offering brunch and lunch, an alfresco brunch is very hard to find indeed. Last week after my brunch at The Libertine, we were walking back through Itaewon when we noticed Cote Jardin. I was immediately heart broken that we had missed out on an opportunity to dine at such a beautiful restaurant, so vowed to give it a try as soon as possible. The garden terrace is unimaginably beautiful(for Seoul at least) with the large tree overlooking the courtyard and little tables strewn throughout. It’s so French chic. The large house that looms in the background has been completely renovated, there is a balcony and long stair case, an outdoor bar and shuttered windows that are just so European, every detail has been thought of, the place is incredibly exquisite. (more…)

The Libertine


Last year The Libertine Bar and Kitchen was my go to brunch spot, no one could compete with their fab array of cocktails, Eggs Benedict, and elegant atmosphere. It was the place I always wanted to be on a weekend. However for me things went down hill a bit and it fell out of favour, and I haven’t been back for the best part of a year. Last weekend Libertine updated their menu and lowered their prices so I figured it was about time the prodigal daughter returned. (more…)

Sinbads Kitchen

Last weekend I took two of my hungriest friends to give the Ethiopian food at Sinbad’s Kitchen a try. I’ve only had Ethiopian food once before, back in 2007 when it became London’s latest trend food. I remember being impressed and always meant to go again, but I was a bit of a party girl back in those days and preferred to save all my money for nights out rather than dinners. So when I heard on the grapevine that Sinbad’s Kitchen in Itaewon was serving up some stellar Ethiopian cuisine I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

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Brooklyn the Burger Joint – Sinsa


Another day, another burger place opens its doors. Of all the foods in the world burgers are the one thing that never seem to go out of fashion, especially in this city, and it seems like nary a week passes by before there’s another new one to try. As a self confessed burger lover I couldn’t wait to come and check out the newest burgeria to open its doors. (more…)

Namu Arae (Under the Tree) 나무아래


Finding a good restaurant in Itaewon to dine in on a Monday night is like searching for a needle in haystack. For some time now Monday nights have been hailed as the industry day off, a time when the staff all across town can rest up after a hard week’s work and let their hair down. Well that’s all well and good for them, but where are the rest of us supposed to eat? (more…)

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