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Yona Yona Burger


Yona Yona Burger is one of the many new restaurants to open up on the top of the hill in Itaewon. It seems to be in a shared location with the oddly named Modest Pub, which I feel is the most ridiculous name for a pub ever! Why on earth would a pub strive to be modest? So bizarre, but anyhow WINK!


Sushi Itaewon


A good sushi joint can be hard to find in this wee city, and finding a good one that doesn’t cost a fortune is even harder still. But new kid on the block Sushi Itaewon is certainly a good contender. Situated on the corner of an alleyway just off from McDonalds it’s located in Itaewon’s latest trend spot for new restaurants to come and peddle their wares.


Little Baja


I do love a good taco, and when I heard all about Little Baja opening I was straight round there to give them a try. The place has only been open for a week, but thanks to Seoul’s gossipy foodie network it’s already experiencing queues and sell outs.


Ciuri Ciuri


Last weekend I went to try out the food at Ciuri Ciuri in Sangsu. Ciuri Ciuri, which means flower flower in the Sicilian dialect, is a brand new Italian restaurant specializing in home style Sicilian cuisine and Italian favourites. (more…)

Brew 3.15


Last weekend I sauntered over to Jongro, to check out Brew 3.15 which is the latest venture of fellow foodie Daniel Gray. Daniel invited me and TFB to come and taste his wares, so taste them we did. (more…)

Guilty Pleasure


Last weekend I finally got around to trying the Brunch at Guilty Pleasure. God knows what took me so long as this place has been open for months and I eat more than my fair share of brunches, in fact I probably eat my fair share of other people’s brunches too! (more…)

Phillies – Brunch


For the past month or two my favourite neighbourhood bar has been serving up brunch. They are already wildly sought after for their cheap drinks, awesome burgers, and incredibly handsome bar tenders but now there’s an even greater reason to go and pay them a visit, and that’s their incredibly tasty and well priced brunch.  For the first few weeks it was being kept a secret, but now the word is out I thought it was about time I shared it with my loyal and faithful readers. (more…)

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