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When Il Gattino came to Haebangchon I was as happy as a clam, their wonderful home made Italian food was the real deal and just what our neighborhood had been longing for. They were a massive hit straight off the bat, thanks to their fabulous food and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that owner Giovanni provided. However with the popularity came the crowds and they soon found that their current location was a tad too small, so they left HBC and went off in search of bigger premises. Finally after being denied the pleasure of eating their wonderful food for over two months, they finally opened up their new restaurant called Brera in Beotigogae, and I went straight there to check it out.


Brick Oven


As you may have guessed from the picture above, I’m going on holiday! Today I am leaving to go to NYC for 10 days, home of big apples, pastrami sandwiches, and Cronuts. I am giddy with excitement about all the fabulous food I am going to indulge myself with, and I shall hopefully be reporting to you every day with where and what I have been eating. So as a departing post I thought it would be fitting to share with you a little bit of NYC style pizza that you can find here in Seoul.


Now Brick Oven is no new kid on the block, it’s been around for a couple of years now, but since the main location is in Gangnam you can probably guess why it’s taken me this long to get on over there. I did this review over two occasions. The first time I went, I visited with fellow Brit and celebrity chef Gizzie Erskine, and the second time I went to record a podcast for Groove Magazines 100 most influential expats article, if you missed out on listening to my ramblings about food then please click here.


Craftworks – Itaewon


Last week I rolled all the way up to Itaewon to go to the event of the season the Grand Opening of Craftworks Itaewon. The undisputed king of craft beers has added yet another string to its bow with a fourth location up at the top of Itaewon near RMT.


The new location is rolling out a brand new menu, stepping things up into gastro-pub territory, and fusing a bit more their delicious beer into the food. Craftworks was originally the leader of the pack, so I’m glad to see they are upping their game to stay on top.


Belgrade Bar & Grill


Last week I was invited to come and try the newest kid to hit the Itaewon block, Belgrade Bar and Grill. The cuisine is Serbian/Croatian, food I’ve never had the pleasure of consuming before. Since I’m not one to turn down an offer of trying something new, off I went to give it a go it would be churlish not to.


Yona Yona Burger


Yona Yona Burger is one of the many new restaurants to open up on the top of the hill in Itaewon. It seems to be in a shared location with the oddly named Modest Pub, which I feel is the most ridiculous name for a pub ever! Why on earth would a pub strive to be modest? So bizarre, but anyhow WINK!


Sushi Itaewon


A good sushi joint can be hard to find in this wee city, and finding a good one that doesn’t cost a fortune is even harder still. But new kid on the block Sushi Itaewon is certainly a good contender. Situated on the corner of an alleyway just off from McDonalds it’s located in Itaewon’s latest trend spot for new restaurants to come and peddle their wares.


Little Baja


I do love a good taco, and when I heard all about Little Baja opening I was straight round there to give them a try. The place has only been open for a week, but thanks to Seoul’s gossipy foodie network it’s already experiencing queues and sell outs.


Ciuri Ciuri


Last weekend I went to try out the food at Ciuri Ciuri in Sangsu. Ciuri Ciuri, which means flower flower in the Sicilian dialect, is a brand new Italian restaurant specializing in home style Sicilian cuisine and Italian favourites. (more…)

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