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Mix & Malt

When I go to to Mix & Malt in Hyehwa its usually for the fantastically fabulous cocktails. However last week I took my girls out there to enjoy a delicious dinner too!


To kick the night off wen started with a couple of Mix & Malt cocktails.  I’ve written about the drinks before so I don’t want to go on and on about them but they are nothing short of amazing. My favourites include the ginger mojito, the raspberry mojito and the caiprinha. They are all around 11,000 each too which is very cheap considering how well made they are. It’s by far and away my favourite place to get a cocktail in the city.


For the main course we tried the steak, mash and green beans (25,000). A 24 hour sous vide steak on a bed of caramelized onions, mashed potatoes and green beans all floating on a puddle of delicious tasty gravy. I adored this steak and I’m not usually overly in love with sous vide cooked steak but this one was very special indeed. The outside had been seared perfectly so it had a nice crust, while the inside was still lovely and tender.  The green beans and mash were excellent too. Such a a simple but well cooked dish, you’d be had pushed to find better steak at a similar price in the city.


We also got an order of their buffalo wings (17,000). Now that may seem pricey for wings and it is, but you get a lot and these are no ordinary wings, they are down right amazing. Smothered in their home made buffalo dipping sauce then dipped in to the creamy blue cheese dipping sauce you will die and go to heaven. Perfect for sharing, if you like wings these are not to be missed.


Lastly we shared a poutine (17,00). A big bowl of fries topped with lashings of melted cheese and gravy. Not quite traditional but it ticked all the boxes. While I never believe that you can have have too much gravy, the fries soaked a fair amount of it up making them a bit sloppy by the end. While I enjoyed these I didn’t think there were able to compete with the wings and the steak.


You might have thought we would have been cold sitting out on the terrace in November but with their outdoor heaters and cozy button up blankets we were snug as a bug in a rug. The three cocktails I drank might have had something to do with it too.


I was particularly stuffed and a little drunk after everything I had consumed that night but owner Wendel kindly offered us a Kahlua cappuccino on the house. I couldn’t resist even if I was concerned I’d be up all night. And oh my god was this delicious, so sweet and creamy and the perfect way to end the meal. I’m going to be making these at home from now on, it’s the perfect drink for coffee loving alcoholics.


Once again we had a splendid night at Mix & Malt, the drinks are fabulous and so is the food. The space itself is also very special and like nowhere else in Seoul, there is a huge outdoor patio plus two floors of indoor seating inside. It’s the perfect place for a special occasion or even just a few cocktails with the girls.


Mix & Malt is located at 3 Changgyeonggung-ro 29gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Hyehwa Station (line 4) and come out of exit 4 and take left and walk to the end of the street. Once you reach the end of the road take a right and go across the crossing towards Olleh and take the alleyway to the left hand side. Walk straight down that alley way and you will see Mix & Malt ahead of you. For more information you can call them on 02-765-5945 or check out their facebook page.


Bills has been on my list of places to try ever since it opened earlier this year. It is the first restaurant in Korea from Australian celebrity chef Bill Granger. I was especially keen to try it as I actually lived above one of Bill’s Sydney restaurants and we often used to pop downstairs for brunch on a weekend. Living in that house in Sydney was one of the best years of my life so I will always remember the restaurant fondly.

IMG_6123 (more…)


Mozzie is brand spanking new New Zealand bar attached to the new I.T.W. hotel . Located up on hooker hill just opposite Old Town, it’s a sign of more of the regeneration that even the most depraved parts of Itaewon are set to see. The large sleek and elegant restaurant fills the space well with its insatiably long bar which is divided between coffee, spirits, wine and beer. The restaurant also boasts a large patio which is set to have a large communal  table and chairs for those who want to dine alfresco.


For opening weekend all the draft beers were on a  1+1 special so TFB got himself a couple of Pilsner Urquells (8,800) which he enjoyed immensely. Not being a beer lover myself I was more interested in the liquor. As the place only just opened there isn’t a cocktail list yet, but they have a full bar and after expressing an interest in anything made with fruit and vodka, owner Simon brought me back a long blackcurrant soda and vodka drink (10,000) which tasted just like my Naughty Ribena cocktail.


The menu is made up of a mix of classic home style meat and two veg dishes like shepherd’s pie, rack of lamb, steak and sausages. In other words, proper comfort food that is just perfect for this time of year. After a gazing over the options we decided to try the Great Barrier Reef Fish & Chips (11,500). At just over 11 dollars this is a very cheap fish and chips and I was very interested to see how it fared. There were two generous sized pieces of fish coated in a nice light beer batter and a banging little tar tar sauce on the side for dipping. I had hopes that the chips would be home made but I guess that old Korean potato problem rears its ugly head once again. I asked about the possibility of mushy peas but was told this is a Kiwi bar and not English so they wouldn’t be serving them, but they do have peas on the menu so perhaps you could still get a side order.


As well as the fish and chips we tried the Captain Cooker Chops (16,500). I adore pork chops, especially my Grandmother’s so was so thrilled to see them on the menu. I’ve always been saddened that despite Korea’s love of pork this isn’t a cut of meat that’s widely sold. When the dinner arrived we were served up two huge pork chops, a mound of mashed potatoes, a generous serving of peas and a puddle of gravy. This was a huge dinner and you’d be hard pushed not to be filled up by this. The pork chops themselves while humongous were on the tough side, they were quite lean on the fat so that may have dried them out. We relayed our comments to the owner and were told they are still working on some of the recipes and he would talk to his chef. Other that it was a good hearty meal. This is proper comfort food that you’d have at home on a week night for dinner. Nothing fancy, just meat, potatoes, and veg. I also appreciated the generosity with the gravy, I like a lot and they weren’t shy in it giving it to me.


Overall I like what Mozzie is doing and I’d like to try a few more of the dishes on the menu. On the whole the food is very cheap, the most expensive dish on the menu is 31,000 but most of the dishes fall way below the 20,000 mark. Although it’s not a British bar, it’s serving lots of the home cooked food that I grew up eating so for that alone it’s a winner for me.


Mozzie is located at 126-7 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul. To get there take the subway to Itaewon station(line 6), and come out of exit 3. Walk straight until the next intersection and take a right. Cross the road and take the first left (by Mr Kebab). Mozzie is up on your left maybe 50m up that road, opposite the infamous Old Town. For more information you can call them on +82 10-9417-9554 or check out their facebook page. Mozzie is open every day from 5pm-12am.

Brera – Brunch

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love brunch. I don’t know why but it just seems so much more special than lunch for some reason. The combination of breakfast foods and booze is really hard not to love. Now the thing about brunch is that I am always desperate to try someplace new, I hate returning to the same places time and time again, despite how good they may be. So when I found out that one of my favourite Italian restaurants had a brunch menu, I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

IMG_5904 (more…)

Texas de Brazil


When word gets around about a luxurious all you can eat Brazilian meat feast, it doesn’t me take long to drag my fat arse over there to give it a try. Nothing gets my juices flowing like the words “all you can eat meat.” A few years ago I was lucky enough to spend some time traveling in Brazil and feasting in the numerous rodizio restaurants was one of the highlights, so I was very interested to see how this one would compare. (more…)

Power Plant


Power Plant is a new and super luxurious and sleek industrial styled food court located in the D Tower in Gwanghwamun. The brand spanking new floor opened less than a week ago but is home to some pretty big players, with more restaurants being built all the time.


As you first walk into Power Plant  you will come across the bar that serves drinks for all the restaurants, at the moment they are serving nothing but craft beer, but the head bar tender told me they plan to offer cocktails in the future once they have things a little more organised. If you despise craft beer as much as I do, then head to the Coreanos counter as they serve a collection of their giant margaritas! If you do like craft beer then look out for the person handing out free beer coupons by exit 3, I’ve managed to get one both visits, the beer they were giving away free was Pale ale, but still free is free and no purchase is necessary!


Currently in the space are Coreanos, Pizza de Buzza, Gilbert Burger, Lobster Shack (Lobster Bar copycat), and the all new Manimal Provisions. It’s been a while since I enjoyed some Manimal meat so we decided to order our food from there, but you can order from any one of the restaurants, then sit together in the community seating. There is a small summary menu on each of the tables, but you need to go to each restaurant individually to check out everything they have on offer.


After ordering we were given a buzzer and waited about 15 minutes for our meal, when the buzzer rings you can go and collect your food, though on weekends they will actually bring the food directly to your table via the magic of magnets.


We opted for the new Citrus Spiced Chicken Skewers, Pork Sandwich, and my favourite BBQ Chicken and shared it amongst us. The first thing we tried were the Citrus Spiced Chicken Skewers (12,000 for 3). I adored these, the spicy mint dipping sauce was absolutely divine it had such a wonderful balance of tang, sweetness and heat  and the chunks of chicken were especially tender in the middle but nicely charred on the outside. My only regret was 3 instead of 5! It came with a nice orange ‘slaw on the side, which we loved too. If you are looking for a dinner that’s on the healthy side but no less delicious then this is it.


Next Up was the Pork Belly Sandwich (11,800) which we added a side of fries to for an extra 3,000. This was my least favourite of the foods we tried, the cider apple glaze didn’t really pack the punch of flavour I was expecting. I was hoping the meat would have a nice caramelization to it, and it would be topped with a nice apple sauce type glaze, but if it was there I couldn’t taste it. Also the pork itself wasn’t all that tender, usually the Manimal meats are melt in the mouth, but this slab of pork fell far short of that. As far as I know though, this is a new menu item, so hopefully they’ll work on it.


Lastly we couldn’t resist the BBQ Chicken (18,000), it’s been months since I last tried this at the original Manimal but it was absolutely outstanding. Juicy, melt in the mouth and lovely tasty skin. I’ve always been a breast lover myself, but I can’t get enough of these juicy legs and thighs. This version comes with an extra blue cheese sip and some veggies on the side which push the price up a little, that or the rents must be higher here.


Overall I’m loving the new food court, great amount of choice and everyone can get something different. I think it will make a really cool place to hang out and have an after work dinner if they can sort out the lack of cocktails. It’s also located very close to the British Embassy, so it’s the perfect spot to grab dinner before enjoying a few Friday night tipples.


Power Plant is located at 3F 5, D Tower, 17 Jong-ro 3gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Gwanghwamun station and come out of exit 3. Turn right out of the exit and you should see D Tower just up ahead. Enter using the doors on the right hand side of the building then take the escalator up to the third floor then turn left, you will see Power Plant ahead of you. For more information you can call them on 02-2251-8333.



In the expat community pizza is taken incredibly seriously, and the arrival of a non Korean style pizza parlour always gains much intrigue and debate. So when Paulies opened its doors a few weeks ago, the foodie community were there in an instant to check it out and give their critique. After hearing many wonderful things myself I had to go and have a slice or two and give it a try myself. (more…)



Buffets aren’t generally known for high quality food, however the greedy food obsessed monster inside of me can’t resist them. The limitless options, the cheap prices, and the fact that you can eat as much as you want always have me salivating at the thought. Last week I bumped into an an old friend who recommended the lunch buffet at Pasha to me, I had just eaten but as I was passing I thought why not go and take a look. At first glance I was very impressed and vowed to return. (more…)

Little Baja


Little Baja is no longer the teeniest tiniest Mexican in the country. The So Cal crew have moved on to bigger and better premises after becoming a roaring success in their first location. The new spot is located up on top of the hill at the end of Itaewon, and they are in good company with neighbors like Manimal and Coreanos.  . (more…)



A few weeks ago I was invited to a press event at Made restaurant in Sinsa. The Italian American restaurant fed us until we were stuffed beyond our wildest dreams. We pretty much made our way through the whole menu, meatballs, fried chicken & biscuits, eggplant Parmigiana, Caesar salad, tiramisu, and apple and caramel bread pudding. (more…)

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