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Cut at 45 Park Lane


As you may well know I just got back from a trip home, and on that visit I spent a few days in my old stomping ground, London. Not only was I desperate to catch up with old friends, I also had a very important lunch engagement at Cut at 45 Park Lane. Now as much as I enjoy the good life, I’m not on Park Lane as often as I would like, so I was thrilled when the restaurant part of the Dorchester Collection invited me to try Wolfgang Puck’s award winning steakhouse, Cut. I’ve been dying to try one of Wolfy’s steaks for forever, in fact it was on my list of must eats when I visited NYC last year, but alas it was a little out of my price range. (more…)

Dublin’s Best Eats!


This trip has certainly seen a lot of stops, and one of our favourites has been the Emerald Isle where my beloved TFB hails from. The land of leprechauns, pots of gold, U2, and drunkards has won my girlish heart thanks to the friendly people and fabulous food and drink. Dublin is a city that I have truly fallen for and I can’t wait for our next trip so we can explore the culinary landscape further. Now this is in no way a definitive list, feel free to comment below to let me know what I missed. But if you are heading to the fair city be sure to try a few of these. (more…)

Cornwall’s best Eats!


If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know how fond I am of travelling. I have written and shared articles about almost all of my travels over the years, but I have yet to write anything about Cornwall. Although I didn’t grow up there, that acolade belongs to Somerset, I have spent years going there ever since my parents moved there in my late teens. After London, Cornwall is one of the best locations in the country for foodies. Not only is it filled with beautiful beaches and country side it’s got dozens of fantastic restaurants and world renowned chefs. In most south west corner of the UK there are hundreds of delicous things to eat but these are the five that I believe shouldn’t be missed. (more…)

Amsterdam – Foodhallen


I’m off, off on my travels, if you hadn’t noticed that I am instagramming from a different place every day, you should be paying more attention. Our first stop on the road to nowhere was the land of windmills and wooden clogs, otherwise known as Amsterdam. This stop was exceedingly short, in fact we only had one night before we jetted off to the cosmopolitan mecca that is Dublin, but it was long enough to eat the equivalent of about 3 meals. (more…)

Trilogy – Dream Phuket Hotel


Hey everyone I’m back in Korea, and sadly I’ve left the beautiful sunny beaches of Phuket and come back to the rainy and windy streets of Seoul, lets hope it doesn’t last too long because I need to top up my tan. On our last evening in Phuket we wanted to enjoy a special meal together so chose to eat at Trilogy which was at the beautiful Dream Hotel and Spa where we were staying. (more…)

Phuket – Where to eat


If you have been reading my posts regularly then you will know that I was in Phuket staying at the beautiful Dream Phuket Hotel and Spa. The hotel is located just a short 30 minutes away from the busy and bustling resort town of Patong. For me this was perfect, I got to relax in a quieter location while still being able to enjoy the party side of Patong when I needed it. (more…)

Sponsored Post – Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa


As I told you on Monday, this week I am having some fun in the sun in Phuket. Today is my birthday and I’m turning 32, which is a little bit scary, so to deal with it I though being pampered in 5 star luxury while medicating myself with delicious tropical cocktails would just about soothe my nerves. Luckily for me and my bank balance I was invited to stay at the brand new Dream Phuket Hotel and Spa. The beautiful hotel is located on the North west coast of the island close to Layan beach. With several airlines now offering direct flights from Seoul to Phuket, it was amazingly easy to get here, just a hop, a skip, a plane, and a taxi ride away. (more…)

Bali – Food Safari


Whenever I travel I always make a big point to eat as many of the local goodies as possible, and although I generally spend hours researching all the places I want to eat, it’s still best to get some help from the local experts by doing a tour. By taking a tour I’ve always found that you see places that just aren’t featured on Trip Advisor, and, as anyone living in Seoul will tell you, Trip Advisor listings can leave a lot to be desired. So after much consideration, we decided to take a culinary tour of Bali, with Bali Food Safari.



Bali Food Safari has 3 different tours available, one in Ubud, One in Seminyak, and one in Jimbaran, the tour we took was in Seminyak. You can do a tour of either 3 or 4 restaurants, not surprisingly we opted for the latter. The tour is somewhat of a mystery, all you are told is that you will try about 12 different kinds of small sharing plates. We were picked up from our villa along with another couple, who were some of the loveliest ladies we have ever met. We joined each other for dinner at each stop, but you can also have a table to yourself if you prefer some privacy.

IMG_9659 (1)

I don’t want to give too much away, but our first stop was idyllic, sipping cocktails and watching the sun go down over the Bali beach was heavenly, we were off to a great start. We then were whisked away in the car to our next three locations, where we enjoyed the perfect mix between Indonesian and international fare. The dishes were all perfectly sized, to keep us full, while the journey allowed a nice respite between courses.


We finished up with a medley of desserts and a coffee, before being taken home. We were certainly stuffed to the gills and you get plenty of food, though its staggered so you aren’t stuffed by the end. You get about an hour at each restaurant and plenty of warning when it’s time to leave. The tour was superbly run and the perfect way to experience four higher end restaurants over the course of one night.

IMG_9767 (1)

As a New Year’s gift to all of my lovely readers, Bali Food Safari has very kindly given me an offer for you all, a 4 restaurant tour for the price of the 3 restaurant tour, plus a complimentary drink at sundown. That’s an extra bevy of lovely dishes and a cocktail for you to try for free. To take advantage of this offer you should use the code AFGFG by the end of January, although the booking dates are eligible for anytime in 2016. For more details or to make a booking, please visit the Bali Food Safari website.

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Sponsored Post – Hotel Royal – Hoi An – MGallery Collection

While food is probably considered my lifes passion, travel is right there behind it. I’ve traveled all over the globe in my quest to find the world’s most delicious food and being based in Seoul, Asia is my most covered continent. In July TFB and I managed to book flights to Vietnam for under 300,000 won each, thanks to a new influx of low cost airlines like Vietjet, and with Hoi An being only a mere 4 hours away it seemed like the perfect destination for us to use as a base for a food filled vacation.

525 508

After spending hours and hours researching where to stay we finally settled upon the Hotel Royal, a boutique hotel which is part of the MGallery Colletion. Not only was the hotel in the perfect location to explore the city, it was also sensationally luxurious. The hotel was deigned to keep within the them theme of the Old Quarters colonial style while still retaining a modern edge. The fact that it’s less than a year old also meant that all the facilities were in peak condition and the staff couldn’t have been friendlier.


Now while I could have laid by the beautiful pool all day long gorging on hotel food I was there to do some work, and one of the things I was most looking forward to partaking in was a cooking class. All over Vietnam cooking classes are offered in almost every restaurant that you walk past. The sheer amount of places offering different classes means that you could be cooking each and every day of your vacation for a month if your heart desired. Last time we visited Vietnam we took part in a cooking class in Nha Trang and were really looking forward to learning how to make a few new local dishes.



Hoi An Local Food Tour


You may have noticed from the change in logo that I am once again enjoying a relaxing vacation. This time I have traveled to the beautiful city of Hoi An in Vietnam. I was very excited to try as much of the local food as possible on this trip and figured the best way to do that is by getting a tour from a local. Hoi An is a wonderful destination for food lovers as cooking classes are incredibly popular here and there are so many unique street foods that you can only find within the walls of the ancient city. Our tour led us around all the different neighbourhoods of Hoi An where we ended up trying over 10 dishes, in fact I think it ended up being over 12 as we kept seeing other foods we wanted to try along the way. I haven’t included everything we ate as it would take me until next week to finish writing about it, but below are some of my favourites. (more…)