Seoul Shake Off


Last night I popped down the hill and went to the Seoul Shake Off held at Club House in Gyeongridan. Hosted by one of my favourite restaurants The Beastro, Snapple, and Alcohol company Pernod Ricard. The two day event features 6 of Seoul’s best cocktail bars competing against each other. Tickets are 50,000 on the door and will get you 1 Beastro welcome cocktail and the 3 signature cocktails of the participating bars. (more…)

The Four Seasons – The Market Kitchen


Last week my best friend from England came to pay me a visit. It’s been a couple of years since her last jaunt to the land of the morning calm so I wanted to make her trip extra special. A few weeks before I was very kindly invited to come and give the Four Seasons restaurants a try so I decided to save the champagne brunch at The Market Kitchen just for her. (more…)

Street Food – Myeongdong


Myeong-dong has always been the shopping quarter to me, a chance for me to squeeze myself into some familiar branded clothing. Years ago, when I lived down south and was more on the portly side, coming to Seoul was my only chance to find clothes to fit me. As soon as I arrived I would head straight to Forever 21 and H&M where I could usually just about find something in my size, and if it didn’t fit I’d stuff myself into it anyway. With the array of brightly lit stores to distract me, I never really paid much attention to the food, but these days there are so many options it is hard to ignore. (more…)



Itaewon has no shortage of bars, however as far as I’m aware The Fountain is the neighbourhood’s first video game bar or barcade. Located in the old Gecko’s Garden spot, the huge three story bar is filled with all manner of game rooms and has a giant fountain in the middle. It kind of  reminded me of Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. (more…)

Top 10 – Best of the Brunch in Seoul


Now the weather has turned wonderfully warm, it’s necessary to leave the loving embrace of your warm and cosy house and actually get outside and enjoy yourself. And for me, enjoying myself always requires food and booze. This week my very best friend in the whole entire world comes to visit, and one thing we plan to have a lot of is brunch! I’m a huge brunch lover. I cannot get enough of the breakfast and cocktails combination. It’s the perfect way to start an afternoon of day drinking, which is probably my favourite hobby after eating. Luckily our fair city has quite the array of brunching options, though not all of them are made equal. To help you sort the wheat from the chaff I’ve selected my 10 favourites. (more…)

Seoul Night Market


Last Saturday was the opening weekend of the Seoul Night Market along by the Yeouido Han River Park. Not only was I lucky enough to attend, I was also selected as one of their independent adjudicators to help choose which food trucks will gain a permanent position at the market which hopes to run until October. The market is a mix of food trucks and hand crafts, and will be on again this Saturday and Sunday from 7:30pm until late. (more…)

Canucks (originally Maple House)


I’m not usually one for sports pubs, in fact I hate sports, but the booze and bar food is usually enough to lure me in. So when I heard that a new Canadian pub called Maple House had opened up in Itaewon, I didn’t really pay it too much attention until one of my Canadian friends told me they served awesome poutine and invited me to go check out the place. (more…)

Gateaux De Voyage


Life is a piece a of cake, and sometimes that cake is an exquisite French pastry that you get to eat for free. Or at least that was my recent experience when I was invited to Gateaux De Voyage. The French Patisserie in Nonhyeon has been open for the past six months. It’s owned and run by the handsome Julien Favario who has been making pastries for over 20 years. Early in the morning, or late at night for some of us, he wakes to create his decadent desserts. As a fairly avid baker myself, I was honestly blown away at the amount he can accomplish in a few short  hours. (more…)

Paolo De Maria


I’m sure I have mentioned my fondness for Italian cuisine on many occasions. However in Seoul it is not always easy to find as there seem to be far too many restaurants offering spaghetti drowning in puddles of cream and calling it Italian food. But over the years I’ve discovered a few treasures along the way and after I was invited to come and try Paolo de Maria last week I have another one to add to the list. (more…)