BCCK -The Queen’s Birthday Ball


If you are an avid royalist and make it your business to be acquainted with everything the Windsor family do then you will know that last month Her Majesty The Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. This is no mean feat, and all around the world glamorous soirées have been planned to celebrate this momentous occasion, with Seoul being no exception. (more…)

Phuket – Where to eat


If you have been reading my posts regularly then you will know that I was in Phuket staying at the beautiful Dream Phuket Hotel and Spa. The hotel is located just a short 30 minutes away from the busy and bustling resort town of Patong. For me this was perfect, I got to relax in a quieter location while still being able to enjoy the party side of Patong when I needed it. (more…)

Sponsored Post – Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa


As I told you on Monday, this week I am having some fun in the sun in Phuket. Today is my birthday and I’m turning 32, which is a little bit scary, so to deal with it I though being pampered in 5 star luxury while medicating myself with delicious tropical cocktails would just about soothe my nerves. Luckily for me and my bank balance I was invited to stay at the brand new Dream Phuket Hotel and Spa. The beautiful hotel is located on the North west coast of the island close to Layan beach. With several airlines now offering direct flights from Seoul to Phuket, it was amazingly easy to get here, just a hop, a skip, a plane, and a taxi ride away. (more…)

Spice Market


Today I’m insanely excited as I am flying to Thailand tonight to enjoy some 5 star luxury and fun in the sun. As well as being pampered to within an inch of my life I also plan to eat copious amounts of tasty Thai food. While I wish I could take you all with me, this review of my new favourite Thai place will have to keep you sated instead.


Seoul has a more than an ample share of Thai restaurants nestled within its bosom and from my experience they have for the most part been pretty good. What sets Spice Market apart from most of the local Thai joints is its fab location with an open patio area and roof top. Enjoying the food alfresco just seems to conjure up my memories of Thailand so much more than a second floor restaurant on the main Itaewon drag. The evening we visited it was a still a tad chilly, but being an English person I sucked it up and just wrapped myself in a couple of their provided cozy blankets.


While we checked out the menu we kicked off with a couple of drinks. I had the Sangria (10,000) which is a must for an outdoor dinner experience while TFB chugged down a Chang (7,000). The food menu is pretty standard and has all the usual dishes you would expect to find plus a few extras. With the help of the friendly owner we selected a few to try.


To start we tried the Tod Man Khoa Phod (8,000). 5 corn and shrimp fritters were presented with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. We both adored these, as they were so deliciously light and tasty. I also really appreciated the price, appetizers in general are way overpriced in Korea and it puts me off getting them, so I was pleasantly surprised by these.


As our second starter we got the Chicken Satay (11,000). Once again these were beautifully presented. 5 sticks of tender marinated chicken served on a big bed of salad. The satay chicken was already dipped in a slightly spicy and sweet peanut sauce. I loved these too and  would be hard pushed to choose which was my favourite, luckily I didn’t have to.


For our main dish we couldn’t resist the Thai Green Chicken Curry (17,000) . It is a classic and this one was done superbly. The curry was just so rich with flavour, while all the veggies and chicken inside were really tender. The spice level was perfection for me, creamy with just a little kick at the end. We were fighting over this until the very last bite.


I’m usually a pad see ew lover, but I had to test the muster of their Pad Thai (13,000). All the ingredients were really fresh and it came with four extra pots of chillies and bits for you to add by yourself to make it the perfect spice level. It’s not the best I’ve ever had but it was still pretty good.


Overall we enjoyed a great and well priced meal at Spice Market. We were lucky enough to be invited by the owner, but I still thought the prices were the comparable or cheaper than most of the other restaurants in town while the food was somewhat elevated. The star attraction of the place is certainly the lovely patio which I’m sure will be packed all summer long, by anyone wanting to enjoy the lovely weather.


Spice Market is located at 129-10, Itaewon 1-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station and come out of exit 4. Turn back on yourself and take the right by the station then the next right turn again. Walk a little way down this street then take left hand fork that is opposite The Wolfhound. Spice Market is a little further down this road on right hand side next to Maddux Pizza. For more information you can call them on 02-516-0834 or check out their website.


Stacked Dumpling Bar


Earlier this week I was on my way home when I passed Stacked Dumpling Bar. Being a big dim sum fan, I of course snapped the menu and went on my merry way. Later that week we had planned to go check out the new pizzas at Gino’s but unfortunately they were out of the big dough balls and small pizza is just not the same, so we decided to go check out Stacked instead. (more…)

Uncle Sam’s


A few weeks ago one of my faithful readers emailed me and suggested I try this place as soon as possible. It being a stone’s throw away from my house, I had walked past on more than one occasion, but sheer laziness stopped me crossing the street to take a a look at the menu. I know that sounds woefully slothful, but I knew that if it was worth a try people would soon start to shout about it, which they did and I wouldn’t have exerted wasted energy crossing the street. (more…)



I have let it be known on numerous occasions that Chinese is my absolute favourite food in the whole wide world, or rather western style Chinese. Don’t get me wrong, I love the food in China, the Chinese in Korea, not so much. My obvious favourite is how we do it in England, but sadly I can’t see that catching on any time soon so for now I’ll stick with American style which is pretty damn close.


Hours is a brand new restaurant that has opened up in my old stomping ground HBC. When I visited at the weekend it was still only in its soft opening phase but I honestly just couldn’t wait to give it a try. The restaurant is pretty small with seating for about 12, but the menu is of a pretty decent size with a good mix of appetizers and entrees. They also have a nice array of alcoholic beverages available too.


The first thing we had to order was TFB’s favourite, Kung Pao Chicken (16,000). I was hoping for some crispy chunks of chicken in a light batter but unfortunately the chicken was just fried with the skin on.  It wasn’t bad, I just prefer it when it is battered. The chicken, veggies, and sauce were still pretty good anyway, it had a nice balance and was not too spicy. However I make a pretty damn amazing version of this myself at home so I’m not 100% sure if I would get it again.


The next dish we ordered was the Beef with Broccoli (18,000). I really enjoyed this a lot. There were plenty of generous strips of tender beef in an overly Chinesy tasting sauce. It just had that flavour that you can’t replicate at home, I’m assuming it’s MSG, but who cares when it tastes this good!


My dining buddy wanted to try the Crab Rangoon (8,000). I don’t think we have these in the UK,  but I’m always down for anything deep fried. The middle was filled with a cream cheese crabby dip like stuffing. They were fine if you just ate them and didn’t think about the flavour too much, but I can’t say I was bowled over.


After seeing how good it looked at the next table over, we had to try the General Tso’s Chicken (15,000). The sauce was really good, like plate licking good. We don’t have this dish in the UK so I can’t say how authentic it is, but it was like a slightly spicy sweet and sour. The chicken did look crispier from afar and I was hoping it would be in a kind of batter like the Kung Pao is at home, but again sadly not. However I spoke with the owner after we settled up  and she told me they plan to roll out the full menu this week or next, which includes all of the battered dishes I’ve been longing for like sweet and sour pork, and orange chicken. Hopefully I shall be satisfied upon my next visit.


Lastly we got a Chicken Fried Rice (8,000). It showed up at the end of the meal when everyone else was pretty full, but I managed to power through and finish it. Not as amazing as a special fried rice from my local Chinese at home, but it will do. We got a look at the noodles as our neighbours ordered it, and I thought the rice looked like the better bet of the two.


Although I didn’t love the food as much as I had hoped I’m still thrilled to have a place like this in the neighbourhood. As I mentioned they were still in their soft opening phase during my visit, so I’m looking forward to going back once the full menu is up and running. The prices are a touch on the high side for me to really order everything that I want to try, but in the UK Chinese is food is often operating as a take out service and not a restaurant which lowers their running costs considerably. The dishes are fairly priced if you compare them to similar Thai places in Seoul though. While they do have take out boxes, I think if you are looking for the cheap and cheerful option to gorge upon at home then it’s best to stick with Panda Express.


Hours is located at 41 Sinheung-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Noksapyeong Station (line 6) and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until you reach the the left hand turn by the kimchi pots. Walk straight past Bonny’s, Phillies, and Casablanca. Hours is just a little further up on the left hand side. For more information you can call them on 010-27680658.

Seoul Shake Off


Last night I popped down the hill and went to the Seoul Shake Off held at Club House in Gyeongridan. Hosted by one of my favourite restaurants The Beastro, Snapple, and Alcohol company Pernod Ricard. The two day event features 6 of Seoul’s best cocktail bars competing against each other. Tickets are 50,000 on the door and will get you 1 Beastro welcome cocktail and the 3 signature cocktails of the participating bars. (more…)

The Four Seasons – The Market Kitchen


Last week my best friend from England came to pay me a visit. It’s been a couple of years since her last jaunt to the land of the morning calm so I wanted to make her trip extra special. A few weeks before I was very kindly invited to come and give the Four Seasons restaurants a try so I decided to save the champagne brunch at The Market Kitchen just for her. (more…)