Hangover Ice Cream!

When I first heard there was a new ice cream that can cure hangovers I thought all my dreams had come true at once. I love drinking, but I do not enjoy the after effects. I do however enjoy eating ice cream, so if that could free me from the two days of misery I suffer after a big night out, well nothing on earth was going to stop me from trying it.

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It’s not ever so often that I get to enjoy a sumptuous 5 star Italian meal here in Korea, but it is also not everyday that my parents come to visit me. For their last night I saved my trump card of a dinner at Boccalino to complete their stay. As soon as you walk into Boccalino you know you are somewhere special. Located on the second floor of the Four Seasons Hotel is the Italian eaterie that, much like the Italians themselves, just oozes style and class. (more…)

Salt House

One of the nicest things about having a food blog is that every now and then companies ask if they can send me their products to try. I don’t like to look a gift horse in the mouth so almost always accept. However not all the products are deemed suitable for you my dear readers. I really strive to help you find delicious foodie treats that are unique and hard to track down in day to day life, and I think that is what I found in Salt House.

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HBC Festival – 2016 May 28th


Twice a year the best neighbourhood in Korea plays host to the event of the season, the HBC Fest. All the local bars and restaurants have dozens of bands and singers playing sets. Each venue has its own schedule which you can find here, This year’s Festival is on today Saturday May 28th and tomorrow Sunday May 29th! (more…)

Featured Event – Gorilla Brewing Launch Event


Now everyone knows I like a cocktail in my mouth, but once in a while I like to enjoy a refreshing beer, especially once the weather really starts to heat up. Conveniently enough, Gorilla Brewing Company have just opened Korea’s latest Expat craft brewery in Busan. Now if you are anything like me and think that is an awfully long way to travel for a beer, then you are in luck, because Gorilla will be launching their beers in Seoul at The Wolfhound this Saturday. (more…)

HBC Gogit Jib

Note – This location has since closed down, however there is a bigger and (arguably) better version in Itaewon. The Itaewon location offers the all you can eat deal every day for 16,000 per person. I have amended the map and directions at the bottom to reflect the alternate location.


My blog is well known for its lack of Korean food, but over the past few months I have had more than my fair share of out of town visitors who have been rather eager to sample some local delights. My favourite Korean food by far Korean BBQ, I cant get enough of the meaty goodness, and I just love the idea of cooking and eating all together. However my neighbourhood of Itaewon isn’t really known for its Korean food, so I wanted to share this place as it’s one of the best as far as I’m concerned. (more…)



It’s not very often that I leave Seoul, especially in regards to restaurant reviews but as I work on the same line I decided to make an exception for Lagniappe. Owner Yuni contacted me and invited me to come and try her New Orleans style restaurant in Bundang. Now I know virtually nothing about New Orleans cuisine other than the fact they apparently have the worlds best beignets. So I went in with an open heart and an empty belly ready to try something new. (more…)

Gino’s NY Style Pizza


Pizza being one of my favourite things to eat, I thought it was about time that I did a follow up on Gino’s NY Style Pizza. Since opening its doors at the end of last year it has become exceptionally busy, more than likely because of the popular Korean Girls Eat American Pizza video. Which is probably why it has taken me all this time to do a follow up, my last few visits it has either been full to bursting or they have only had the small pies left, which quite frankly I frown upon. Luckily for me we managed to snag a table at the weekend and I enjoyed one of my favourite foods outside for once instead on my sofa. (more…)

Trilogy – Dream Phuket Hotel


Hey everyone I’m back in Korea, and sadly I’ve left the beautiful sunny beaches of Phuket and come back to the rainy and windy streets of Seoul, lets hope it doesn’t last too long because I need to top up my tan. On our last evening in Phuket we wanted to enjoy a special meal together so chose to eat at Trilogy which was at the beautiful Dream Hotel and Spa where we were staying. (more…)