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L’Empreinte Bistro


Sometimes nothing beats a good French bistro and when I heard through the grape vine that there was a new one that had opened in a new hot little area called Yeonnam-dong, just by Hongdae it seemed like the ideal spot to go for lunch and a wander. From the outside the second floor restaurant doesn’t look all that special but once inside it is light and airy and has a very french country chic feel about it. All the furniture is vintage and imported from France. We were very lucky to be seated at the 120 year old table, and I couldn’t help but think of all the people who had enjoyed meals at it over the years. (more…)

McPherson’s BBQ Pub

Unfortunately due to management conflict McPhearson’s BBQ is no longer open. 


Last week my fellow foodie friend Joe McPherson of Zenkimchi opened up his very first restaurant and I couldn’t be happier for him. Being from Alabama Joe wanted to concentrate on his roots and stick with food he knows good old fashioned BBQ. Now if you are a regular reader of this blog you will know it takes a hell of a lot for me to drag my fat lazy ass across town, but for Joe I made a very special exception. To help me in my review I took my two favourite Southern Girls along with me for a proper American perspective, as the English version of BBQ is somewhat different to the American style. (more…)

The Royal Food & Drink


One thing you can say about HBC is that there are plenty of coffee shops. But sadly one of the best and longest running coffee shops D’espresso closed down a few months ago, which was a bit of a shame as they had started making some really awesome smoothies and sandwiches. But the good news is they are still in HBC, they just moved way up the hill and reopened as The Royal Food & Drink. (more…)


A few days ago I got invited by a friend to come and try McCoy’s in Haebangchon. He had declared that it was an absolute gem of a place and a real find. I had heard a few mutterings on the grapevine about it, so my interest was certainly piqued but I honestly didn’t have my hopes that set that high. However since the dinner was on the house I figured it was worth a try. (more…)

Alma Restaurante

Alma restaurant 상수 Outside

When done right, Spanish food has always been one of my most beloved European cuisines. However despite the fact that traditional Korean food is often made up of small plates of food to share, tapas hasn’t really caught on in the way that other European cuisines have. So when Chef Manuel, previously of Mi Casa, invited me to come and try out the food at his new restaurant I quite frankly jumped at the chance. (more…)

Jil’Hal Bros

One of the standouts on my trip to New York this year had to be the chicken and rice from the Halal guys street cart. Nothing fancy but those delicious giant foil containers filled with chicken, rice, salad and pita bread rocked my world and they were only a mere $7 dollars, I just couldn’t get enough. Anyhow I put the deliciousness that was chicken and rice behind me after making my own a couple of times and realizing that I would never quite strike the right balance of flavours. When one day out of the blue one of my most diligent and well sourcing foodie friends discovered Jil’Hal in Cheongdam and once again all was right with the world.

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Namu Arae (Under the Tree) 나무아래


Finding a good restaurant in Itaewon to dine in on a Monday night is like searching for a needle in haystack. For some time now Monday nights have been hailed as the industry day off, a time when the staff all across town can rest up after a hard week’s work and let their hair down. Well that’s all well and good for them, but where are the rest of us supposed to eat? (more…)

Villa Guerrero

11392924_10153324483446142_4308610617929653872_n - Copy

Tacos tacos everywhere, it seems you can’t swing a dead cat without bumping into a taco stand here in Seoul. Despite last years taco trend reaching its peak, it seems that the taco stores just keep on coming to tantalize our taste buds. Earlier this year we saw the opening of Little Baja, and now Villa Guerrero has opened it’s doors in Samseong-dong. I had already planned a visit when the owner got in contact with me and invited me to have a couple of tacos and a beer on the house. (more…)

The Beastro

Every since it first opened around a year ago, The Beastro has been one of my absolute favourite restaurants in Seoul. Their mix of new american cuisine and fabulous cocktails has me coming back again and again, which is why I chose it as the spot to host my birthday dinner. And then why I went back again a few days later for lunch. If you want to read more about the brunch menu then please see my previous post.

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