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Da Korner


Empanadas have long been a favourite food of mine ever since I spend 3 months pretty much living off them whilst travelling in South America. Cheap and delicious they were sold everywhere and I had so much fun trying each country’s different version. I still yearn for them to this day. Occasionally I make my own at home, and even more occasionally I will stumble across a restaurant in Seoul selling them. (more…)

Jil’Hal Bros

One of the standouts on my trip to New York this year had to be the chicken and rice from the Halal guys street cart. Nothing fancy but those delicious giant foil containers filled with chicken, rice, salad and pita bread rocked my world and they were only a mere $7 dollars, I just couldn’t get enough. Anyhow I put the deliciousness that was chicken and rice behind me after making my own a couple of times and realizing that I would never quite strike the right balance of flavours. When one day out of the blue one of my most diligent and well sourcing foodie friends discovered Jil’Hal in Cheongdam and once again all was right with the world.

11781667_10153451232556142_3462677293509367645_n (more…)