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Jil’Hal Bros

One of the standouts on my trip to New York this year had to be the chicken and rice from the Halal guys street cart. Nothing fancy but those delicious giant foil containers filled with chicken, rice, salad and pita bread rocked my world and they were only a mere $7 dollars, I just couldn’t get enough. Anyhow I put the deliciousness that was chicken and rice behind me after making my own a couple of times and realizing that I would never quite strike the right balance of flavours. When one day out of the blue one of my most diligent and well sourcing foodie friends discovered Jil’Hal in Cheongdam and once again all was right with the world.

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Baby Greek


Last week I visited my good friend Susan who lives in Gangnam. It’s not often that I like to leave the loving embrace that is Itaewon, but she had me over a barrel since she had come to me the last couple of times. She had been raving on about this new Little Greek place she had found for weeks now, so at her insistence we went for dinner.

Baby Greek is located in the food court on the basement floor of a large office style building near Seolleung station.There is a large cafeteria style seating area and then all the food court options. There is a lot down there, mainly Korean food, but there was a little salad place which caught my eye along with Baby Greek. Although the cafeteria style seating didn’t hold much ambience, the prices are insanely cheap, and you can also get the food to take away and enjoy in a more romantic setting. If you are out shopping it would be a great place to grab and go, especially with the sky-rocketing prices in Gangnam where even a sandwich from Paris Baguette will cost you 7,000 -8,000.




After a little peruse of the menu I thought we needed to try the flat bread and dips (6,000). As we waited I had a chat with the owner and she told me that she used to get the pita breads from The Bakers Table, but now she has a local bakery make them up for her to her own recipe. She told me it’s the only thing she doesn’t make herself. As a hummus creator and aficionado myself I was very keen to check it out. A nice and nutty concoction I was rather impressed. However it’s the tzatziki on the dips platter that really shines. It was amazing, possibly the best tzatziki I have ever had (and I’ve been to Greece). Creamy and cool home-made Greek yoghurt, with just the right amount of lemony zing and fresh herbs to balance it. The olive oil she had used to drizzle on top was also rather good and had a lot of flavour. A great dish to keep us going while we waited for our gyros.



My friend had been going on and on about the chicken gyros for forever, but I spotted the falafel one on the menu and couldn’t resist. We decided to get one of each and share. They are both (6,000).


The chicken gyros was stuffed to the brim with succulent authentically grilled chicken. It was really tasty, plenty of salad and sauce, all wrapped up in the fluffy pita. The size of it was enormous, with the thick pita encasing it, you would definitely be full all day.  Beats a kebab any day of the week.


The falafel gyros was also huge. The falafels were a nice size and had a great texture. Some of the best I have had in Seoul. I liked both gyros a lot. I would be hard pushed to choose my favourite and will probably just order two next time, in true Fat Girl style.


I was pretty stuffed by this point but still had a tiny bit of room for a bowl of Greek yoghurt. Oh god how I love Greek yoghurt, I could eat at least a bowl a day, if it was cheaper here in Korea. This yoghurt is made on the premises and is fabulous. Thick and creamy, it’s pure unadulterated luxury dairy goodness. It’s served with maple syrup for that touch of sweetness. Although I think honey might be nicer and more in keeping with the Greek theme. It was so good I practically licked the bowl clean. For those who’s bellies are not as big as their eyes, you can also get yoghurt to go.


Baby Greek is located at Underground food court 136, Hanshin intervalley 24, 707-34 Yeoksam-Dong, Gangnam-gu To get there take a train to Seolleung station (line 2) and come out of exit 4. Keep walking straight until you see McDonalds. Baby Greek is in the 24 building next door. Walk through the double doors and take the escalator down to the basement. Turn left off the escalator and walk straight, Baby Greek will be right in front of you. Baby Greek is open from 9am- 9pm. For more information call 070-4414-7161 or check out their facebook page.

Greek on the Grill


I spotted this little place a few weeks ago when walking around Itaewon, I made a note of it and vowed to give it a try next time I wasn’t so full. Then a few days ago we passed it again and I figured it was about time. I love kebabs and love grilled food so I figured there really wasn’t anything not to like. They are very similar to kebabs except the meat is cooked on skewers and not sliced from a giant piece like the Turkish ones. They are also wrapped in thick pita breads rather than the thinner tortilla breads the kebab shops have.


I ordered the chicken souvlaki pita (5,000). Chunks of char-grilled chicken, fresh salad and topped with  a tzatziki sauce. All wrapped up in a chewy pita bread it was rather good indeed.


And of course The fat boyfriend wanted to try the lamb souvlaki pita (5,500). He really does love his lamb!


As well as the souvlaki pitas, they have just plain meat on a stick and a few different Greek salads. There is room for seating or you can get it to go. A cool little place to grab food on the go and a nice change from kebabs and sandwiches.

Greek on the Grill is located at 64-67 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Itaewon Station, come out exit 4 and walk straight until you get to Dillinger’s. Take the stairs down to the left of Dillinger’s and then turn right and it’s on your left after about 50 metres. You can call  them 02-797-7043 for more details.