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Normal by Ryunique

Last week I was invited back to Normal in Sinsa to try their new quick and simple menu by Ryunique. If you read this blog religiously you will know that I enjoyed a sumptuous 16 course meal at Ryunique earlier this year, then another fabulous but slightly less grand meal at new sister restaurant Normal. The team behind the two restaurants are now offering patrons the chance to experience the magic of the food you’d enjoy at Ryunique at Normal, for those who have neither the time or money for the 16 or 22 course extravaganza at the original location. (more…)


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Over my years in Korea, Vietnamese cuisine has become more and more popular. I first became familiar with the style of food when I travelled to Ho Chi Minh city and Nha Trang a few years ago, then on our second trip to Hoi An, after taking a local food tour it became one of my favourite kinds of food. Last week I was invited by Tuan, a Hanoi local, to come and try his food at his restaurant +84 in Insadong. After taking a look at his menu I couldn’t resist, so I took my two favourite boys along with me to give it a try. (more…)

Soul Truck

After 3 years of living in HBC, a change was in order so me and The Fat Boyfriend have decided to move to the other side of the tracks to Gyeongridan. After a hard day’s work of hauling boxes I wasn’t really in the cooking mood, so one of my best buddies popped over and took us out for a much needed burger. Since it was right around the corned we figured we would check out one of the ever new restaurants Soul Truck.

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Chicken Soup for the Seoul


I’ve been feeling rather glum since I returned home from New York, which is probably due to my monumental jet-lag I’m suffering from. I seem to be exhausted during the day and and fidgety and awake at night. The lack of sleep is making me feel very stressed and I seem to have a gnawing ball of anxiety I just can’t seem to shift. Whenever I’m feeling sick I always turn to my favourite comfort food, chicken soup. For me it is the miracle cure all reviver, and I always used to make this for dinner every Monday night to refuel my body after a weekend of non stop partying. I whipped this up yesterday for my dinner and I’m already feeling a 100 times better. The fresh noodles really help give the soup a lot of depth, and really help to fill you up, you can find them in any Korean supermarket in the refrigerator section and they are super quick and easy to make. The best part of this dish is that I’ve got plenty of leftovers in the freezer for next time I’m feeling under the weather.