Eating good healthy foods is something I have become very passionate about since I lost a substantial amount of weight last year. It’s not something I do 24-7, as I still enjoy fried foods far too much for that to ever happen, but I try to eat as wholesomely as possible for at least two meals a day which seems to balance out those times I get carried away and eat a whole pizza, cheesecake, or bucket of chicken. Since turning 30 I have certainly become more thoughtful about trying to give my body the nutrients it needs in able to function properly. As I have mentioned before I try to follow a raw till 4 diet or make meals using 1 ingredient healthy foods at least until dinner time, unless of course I’m hungover then all bets are off.


Sprout is the brain child of holistic nutritionist Jaime. With her partner Laura they make and deliver completely natural healthy whole foods that will help you live a healthier lifestyle. Eating healthy isn’t always easy, it does require time, planning and effort, and for some people that effort just puts them off. Or they don’t have the skills, know how, or kitchen equipment to prepare tasty healthy foods. It’s so much easier to grab some food at one of the trillion restaurants in our neighbourhood than to make something from scratch. Healthy eating hasn’t really taken off in Korea the way it has overseas, so there are very few restaurants in the city that are offering whole natural foods free from preservatives, which is where Sprout comes in and fills a delicious gap in the market


Sprout is introducing ready-made, affordable, freshly prepared alternatives to some of the foods you may already love like curries, pies, and desserts. But unlike their counterparts  they’re free of sugar, additives, and gluten. Sprout is NOT a restaurant. They are a weekly pick-up service available in Gyeongridan. Every Sunday from 6:00pm-8:00pm you can join them at home to browse, chat, and buy the weeks delicious and healthy appetizers, mains, and desserts. The menu items will vary but they are more than happy to accommodate a limited amount of customer requests. So, go and give them a try and start giving your body more of what it wants!


I was lucky enough to get some samples from Sprout to try, and I was blown away at how good the food really was. How they manage to make all these delicious treats without butter, cream, and sugar I will never know. My two favourite main dishes were the Shepherd’s pie (7,000), and the lentil curry (7,000). Both incredibly tasty they had you digging for every last little morsel. I found them both to be very filling, and even TFB was impressed. He adored the shepherds pie and asked if we could have it again the next night!


The real treat are the desserts, as lets face it, you cant give up sweet things forever and that’s usually where most of us tend to slip after a week or two. Above is the peppermint slice (5,000). For mint and chocolate fans this one is a must, as good as any candy bar I’ve ever eaten. The blueberry cheesecake (5,000) was also incredible. It’s so creamy you would never know it was dairy free. I still can’t fathom how they do it.


The Pumpkin Caramels (5,000) were also a complete surprise, very sweet and just the right texture. The perfect thing to satisfy those sugar cravings. No idea how they are made but they were an out and out delight. And finally banana fans will adore the Banana Cake with chocolate sauce (4,500). Delicious desserts that are completely guilt free, it’s about time someone came up with these.


For more information about Sprout or to check out the moreish menu, please visit Spouts facebook page. Happy healthy eating!



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